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William Spindler, Writer, journalist, spokesman @ UNHCR, Paris

Country: France, Language: English
I offer: UNHCR, refugees, displaced, refugee agency, United Nations, magic realism.
William Spindler @ UNHCR, Paris

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William Spindler @ Paris
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William Spindler @ Paris
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William Spindler @ Paris
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William Spindler @ Paris
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Invalid URL: Genève à chaud - spéciale Tamouls

Leman Bleu TV, 19 Mai 2009, Genève à chaud - spéciale Tamouls. Présenté par Pascal Décaillet avec la...
William Spindler @ Paris
lemanbleu.ch 2009-05-24  +  

Christians Continue to Flee From Iraq

Associated Press Report on the exodus of Iraqi Christians. Includes an interview with William Spindl...
William Spindler @ Paris
youtube.com 2009-05-24  +  

Somalia: UN: 8 migrants dead, 22 missing off Yemen coast

[] - Twenty people made it to shore, the rest are missing, William Spindler told reporters in Geneva. Eight people are known to have died on Sunday afternoon ...
mareeg.com 2009-04-28  +  

Reuters AlertNet - Aid worker calls for…

[] - ... related abuse, where experts and stakeholders from around the world can gather to exchange information, discuss best practices and establish networks. By William Spindler in Geneva
alertnet.org 2009-04-28  +  

Up to 30 in Somali refugees drown near Yemen : Middle East World

[] - Those who make the crossing are fleeing desperate a situation of civil war, political instability, poverty and famine in Somalia and the Horn of Africa," William Spindler, a ...
earthtimes.org 2009-04-28  +  

Invalid URL: UN: Congo refugees suffer shooting, rape, looting

21.11.2008 18:14 - on TheState.com: World ...at a refugee camp in Kibati, and forced families out of their huts before looting them, U.N. refugee agen ...
thestate.com 2009-04-28  +  

UN expects new peacekeepers in Congo in weeks

21.11.2008 15:23 - on PR-inside.com News ...where the woman was killed, armed men forced families out of their huts and looted them, U.N. refugee agency s ...
pr-inside.com 2009-04-28  +  

Aid worker calls for action to protect child "witches" from abuse

08.04.2009 16:56 - by nobody@flickr.com (UNHCR) on Recent Uploads tagged child By William Spindler in Geneva... ...
flickr.com 2009-04-28  +  

More Somali migrants drown off Yemen coast

07.04.2009 16:39 - by noreply@blogger.com (Kale) on Poverty News Blog Twenty people made it to shore, the rest are missing, William Spindler told reporters i ...
feedproxy.google.com 2009-04-28  +  

Pakistan To Get $140 Million For Sheltering Refugees

13.03.2009 22:46 - by Human Security Report Project on Afghanistan Conflict Monitor ...in Sindh and Punjab would also be compensated under the assi ...
feedproxy.google.com 2009-04-28  +  

Invalid URL: UN: 8 migrants dead, 22 missing off Yemen coast

07.04.2009 0:55 - on TheState.com: World ...late Saturday as passengers were disembarking off the coast of Yemen about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of ...
thestate.com 2009-04-28  +  

Invalid URL: Rebel leader threatens 'war' in DRC

30.11.2008 0:00 - by FSN  Spokesman for the un's refugee agency, William Spindler says the work of voluntarily transferring displaced Congolese to a new refugee camp has begun: IN: " The new... OUT: ...were attacked. DUR: 11 seconds ...
fsn.typepad.com 2009-04-28  +  

Invalid URL: Displaced Somalis returning to capital

27.02.2009 18:54 - by joesterling on The CNN Wire ...by the scarcity of international aid agencies who have fled Somalia because of the violence, UNHCR spokesman ...
rss.cnn.com 2009-04-28  +  

Invalid URL: Pakistan to get $140 mln for sheltering refugees....

13.03.2009 15:46 - on Foreign wire stories (w/summaries) Sindh and Punjab would also be compensated under the assistance plan, which UNHCR spokesma ...
wirepost.washpost.com 2009-04-28  +  

Genocide Studies Media FileNovember 18 - December 1, 2008

02.12.2008 0:00 - by Adam  'We fear that the civilian population, already in a dramatic and desperate humanitarian situation, could be caught in the crossfire should fighting resume in the area,' the refugee agency's spokesman, William Spindler, said in Geneva. ...
jonestream.blogspot.com 2009-04-28  +  

Invalid URL: UN seeks over $17 M to help Pakistanis affected by conflict, drought

24.09.2008 1:26 - by Nabeel Malik on Pakistan Times! ...their villages, but they are expected to increase as the conflict intensif ...
pak-times.com 2009-04-28  +  

8 dead, 22 missing in Gulf of Aden smuggling tragedy

08.04.2009 1:17 - on World Only 20 people made it to shore, while the status of those missing remains unknown, said William Spindler, spokesperson ...
english.people.com.cn 2009-04-28  +  

UNHCR welcomes UAE's efforts to resolve the situation of stateless...

24.09.2008 10:17 - on UAEinteract.com - News UNHCR spokesperson William Spindler said at a press briefing held earlier this month, ...
uaeinteract.com 2009-04-28  +  

8 dead, 22 missing off the coast of Yemen

08.04.2009 0:00 - by Signs of the Times  "Witnesses said some of the deaths were due to suffocation after the smugglers covered the passenger area with a tarpaulin to prevent water getting in," said William Spindler, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
sott.net 2009-04-28  +  

9/24/2008: Nation: Efforts to help stateless lauded

24.09.2008 2:35 - on Gulf News ...to resolve the situation of thousands of stateless people. During a press briefing, UNHCR spokesperson William Sp ...
gulfnews.newspaperdirect.com 2009-04-28  +  

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