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Ryan Zhao, Operations Director @ Golden View UK Ltd, London

Birth name: Ryan, Nickname: Ryan, Country: United Kingdom, Phone: +44 7501 301 911, Mobile: +442079399969, Messenger: goldenview_ryan (at) hotmai l.com, E-mail: ryan728 (at) gmail.com, Language: English
I offer: I am COO of a leading translation & localization companies in China, with 16 years industry experience. The company provides one-stop-shop localization solutions, help International & SMEs to do business in China and Asia Pacific. No matter you need to translate a website, software, manual, catalog, datasheet, flyer, onlinehelp, or just business cards, feel free to contact us for quotation. Ryan Zhao Golden View Localization http://www.gvlocalization.com http://goldenview.weebly.com translations, localization, localisation, China business, Asia Pacific, Chinese, language, DTP, software outsourcing, documentation, desk-top publishing, typesetting, outsource, Chinese translation
Ryan Zhao @ Golden View UK Ltd, London

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Ryan Zhao @ London
Sept 08  +
Ryan Zhao @ London
Sept 08  +

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Ryan Zhao @ London
yasni 2012-01-03  +  

佳域通科技实业有限公司-亚洲语言本地化专家 Golden View - Asian Language Localization

佳域通-亚洲语言翻译和本地化服务专家。我们擅长软件本地化、网站本地化、技术文档翻译及多语言 排版。我们专注于英语到简体中文、繁体中文、日语、韩语和其他东南亚语言的翻译、本地化和排版服 务。...
Ryan Zhao @ London
gvlocalization.com 2009-07-15  +  

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We are a translation & localisation service specialised in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Asia...
Ryan Zhao @ London
yasni 2009-07-15  +  

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Ryan Zhao @ London

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