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Birth name: Richard, Nickname: Bans, Country: Uganda, Phone: +256 712 848 331, Mobile: +256 712 848 331, Messenger: non, E-mail: krichardbans1 (at) gmail.com, Language: English
I offer: I offer events management services and organize all sorts of functions for our clients ranging from weddings, conferences, seminars... we start right from budget analysis to the end of the function.
Richard Bans @ Compass Events, Kampala

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Richard Bans @ Kampala
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Richard Bans @ Kampala
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Richard Bans @ Kampala
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What can we do to help !!!!!

Dear friends who are reading this i saw the need to help those that have nothing in society espec...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2011-01-23  +  

How can we embrace the chrismas season

Chrismas is on its way again, like last years and all the years before. But the how have we chang...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-12-12  +  

This is interesting

I have always thought of how i can help my fellow youth but it is now very challenging dear colle...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-09-08  +  

What can we do for the future

My dear friends those who lived in the past would plan ahead and perharps they would fullfil thei...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-05-08  +  

What is the matter

What really matters in life? is it money, family, friends, love, ajob, or what is it. If your ans...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-04-24  +  

The joy of the risen lord

As we celebrate easter that is the resurrection of the lord, we should in our hearts think if we hav...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-04-13  +  

Tragedy be fells Uganda.

My dear friends, in Uganda,there is a kingdom called Buganda one of the oldest. In its culture a ...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-03-24  +  

The world is turning around

When i become a priest(which is my dream), i love working with the youth that is why most of my t...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-03-13  +  

poverty a hazzard to Africa.

God endowed Africa with nature. We move around in very green vegetation which we do not even need...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-03-04  +  

The youth today.

I do some voluntary work with KCSC a non government organisation which deals with the youth and t...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-03-03  +  

vulnerable children

I was surprised four years ago when i visited young children who never thought they would live th...
Richard Bans @ Kampala
yasni 2010-03-02  +  

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