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Martina Zhang, 36, Sales Manager @ Zhejiang Jiaao Enprotech Stock Co., Ltd, Jiaxing

Birth name: Zhang, Nickname: pvc-auxiliary, Country: United States of America, Phone: 86-13736424776, Messenger: martina87811, E-mail: chem.plasticizer (at) gmail.com, Language: English
I offer: We are "Professional Manufacturer of PVC Plasticizer & Stabilizer", all products have been passed by 15P, RoHS, PAHs tests of SGS, ESBO has been official registered in Reach, Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP) , Trioctyl Trimellitate (TOTM) , Dioctyl Adipate(DOA), Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS) and Epoxy Fatty Acids Methyl Ester are pre-registered in Reach. Our products include :Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP) 6422-86-2, heat resistant plasticizer Trioctyl Trimellitate (TOTM) 3319-31-1, Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESO) 8013-07-8, Heat stabilizer and plasticizer epoxidized soybean oil/ESBO/ESO 8013-07-8, Dioctyl Adipate(DOA) 103-23-1, Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS/DEHS) 122-62-3, Epoxy Fatty Acids Methyl Ester(EFAME), Eco-friendly/ environmental/ phthalate-free/ non-phthalate/ non-toxic DOP/ DBP/ DINP/ DOTP/ DIDP/ DPHP/ BBP/ TOTM/ TBC/ ATBC/ ESO/ ESBO/ DOA/ DOS substitution/ alternative plasticizer, Methyl tin stabilizer 57583-35-4, Calcium/zinc complex stabilizer, Barium-Zinc stabilizer, Potassium-zinc stabilizer
Martina  Zhang @ Zhejiang Jiaao Enprotech Stock Co., Ltd, Jiaxing

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Martina  Zhang @ Jiaxing
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Martina  Zhang @ Jiaxing

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