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Mark Posen, 62, Managing Director, Consulting @ RPC Telecommunications Ltd., Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk

Homepage: rpctelecom.com
Nickname: RPC Telecom, Country: United Kingdom, Language: English
I offer: RPC Telecommunications Ltd. Satellite and Radio Communications Consulting, Software and Training http://www.rpctelecom.com =========================== Some words about me: Ecademy, BlackStar, MECHANIC, satellite, engineering, consultancy, telecommunications, telecoms, spectrum, frequency, frequency coordination, interference, radio, training, space, technology, ITU, CEng, IEE, IEEE, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Sudbury, West Hatch High School, Bristol University, Surrey University, software, Palm, PC, politics, Liberal Democrats, liberalism, family, vegetarian, humanism, rationalist, secular, sceptic, tolerance, brain, mind, mind mapping, Buzan, languages, German, French, travel, Tonga, Hong Kong, UAE, India, INTP, moon, GLXP
Mark Posen @ RPC Telecommunications Ltd., Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,

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Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
Dec 08  +
Mark Posen - Mark Posen\x26#39;s SatCom Blog
Feb 10  +
Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
Dec 08  +
Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
Dec 08  +
Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
Dec 08  +
Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
Dec 08  +
Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
Dec 08  +
Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
Dec 08  +
Mark Posen - RPC Telecommunications Ltd
Dec 08  +

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Welcome to my yasni profile

I'd like to welcome you to my yasni profile.   Thanks for visiting! I am the Managing Dir...
Mark Posen @ Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk,
yasni 2008-12-11  1  

Mark Posen

Ipswich, United Kingdom
linkedin.com 2008-12-18  +  

Mark Posen

Ipswich, United Kingdom
uk.linkedin.com 2010-05-13  +  

Mark Posen

BSc, MSc, CEng, MIEE / Managing Director / Ipswich, United Kingdom / contacts in the global satellite industry, contacts with global telecommunications and radiocommunications regulators, technical expertise in satellite communications, analytical skills / RPC Telecommunications Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd, Reed Posen Consultants Ltd, British Telecommunications plc
xing.com 2008-12-11  +  

Testimonials for Mark C J Posen

Mark Posen is a very helpful man! He has responded quickly to requests for assistance and this has made a real tangible difference to me on the tasks at ...
w.ecademy.com 2010-05-13  +  

LinkedIn European Business Awards 2010 in association with ...

Digital & Sport Marketing Executive, Founder at Reset_ Commmunication ... Mark Posen. MD at RPC Telecom: Experienced Satellite & Radio Engineer; Radio Regulation, ...
linkedinbusinessawards.com 2010-02-11  +  

Business Networking Group - Vegetarian…

Leader: Mark C J Posen [ Message], Matthew 'Hotels for Sale' Barnett [ Message] Group URL: http://www.ecademy.com/group/Vegetarian+Club Keywords/tags: Lifestyle
scandinavia.ecademy.com 2010-02-09  +  

Mark C J Posen Groups - Ecademy

Ecademy enables business people to connect through online networking using social media tools, at business networking events and 1-2-1 meetings - a community that advocates ...
ca.ecademy.com 2010-02-09  +  

Mark C J Posen Groups - Ecademy

Mark Posen's SatCom Blog; Satellite Industry Network; Space Exploration; Team Synergy Moon; Vegetarian Club; Wealth Dynamics - The Mechanics' Workroom; BlackStar Boardroom Leader
ww.ecademy.com 2010-02-09  +  

help: a simple (hopefully) web/html question [mark cj posen]

2006-02-09 it needs to be search-engine transparent too. thanks and regards, mark. mark cj posen md & principal consultant rpc telecommunications ltd. consulting engineers in satellite and radio communications.
ecademy.com 2008-12-11  +  

RSCC Appoints New Deputy Director General

Interesting to see the management shake-up at RSCC continuing. The new team faces some challenges,...
rpctelecom.blogs.com 2008-12-11  +  

Heading for the Moon - The Google Lunar Xprize

RPC Telecom is sponsoring the Interplanetary Ventures team challenging for the Google Lunar Xprize...
ecademy.com 2008-12-11  +  

welcome to satellite masterclasses

rpctelecom.blogs.com 2008-12-11  +  

Posen nicht in Gefahr - Na Gott sei Dank ! [Andreas Wiedow]

2010-01-25 Weil Posen is' ja der deutsche Name für die polnische Stadt Poznan, sodass Mark Posen seinen Twitter-Account posen wohl wird behalten dürfen, solange sich die Deutschen nicht wiedow ostwärts ausbreiten wollen. ...
ecademy.com 2010-02-09  +  

Poor cellphone signal at home? Femtocell technology may be the ...

8 Sep 2008 ... Mark C J Posen MD & Principal Consultant, RPC Telecommunications Ltd. Consulting Engineers in Satellite and Radio Communications ...
ecademy.com 2008-12-11  +  

Win a suborbital spaceflight experience! [Mark CJ Posen]

2009-10-11 Ecademy Member Mark Posen of RPC Telecom is a founder partner of the team. Our sponsor, eSpaceTickets.com, is the World's oldest space tourism contest organization. They are offering a space tourism contest whereby today's youth can win ...
ecademy.com 2009-10-13  +  


2007-05-04 by Mark Posen  Welcome to "Mark Posen's Spectrum Management Blog" from RPC Telecommunications. This blog will provide up-to-date news, information and comment about all matters related to spectrum management, radio regulation, licencing, ...
rpctelecom.blogs.com 2009-10-13  +  

Satellite Communications Masterclasses UAE 2009 : Ecademy Marketplace

Satellite Communications Masterclasses UAE 2009 - Training in satellite link engineering, interference, frequency ... with Sat-Coord. o Optimising ...
ecademy.com 2008-12-11  +  

expert support with radio licencing from rpc telecom [mark cj posen]

2006-10-09 we can use our excellent contacts and expert knowledge to facilitate the licencing process for you. if you want more information about how we can help you with your radio licencing problems then do contact mark posen for further ...
ecademy.com 2008-12-11  +  

Synergy Moon Discuss Entering the Google Lunar X PRIZE ...

The Space Fellowship recently reported on the Google Lunar X-PRIZE's latest entrant "SYNERGY MOON" ... Mark Posen of RPC Telecom will manage our communications, regulatory, and ...
spacefellowship.com 2009-05-06  +  

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