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Lucinda McNary, 80, Owner @ Two Moon Graphics, Kansas City, Missouri

Birth name: Lucinda Curry, Country: United States of America, Language: English
I offer: moviestorm, movies, animation, lucinda_mcnary, television, cartoon, art, music, writing
Lucinda McNary @ Two Moon Graphics, Kansas City, Missouri

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Lucinda McNary @ Kansas City, Missouri
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Lucinda McNary

Kansas City, Missouri Area
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Happy Hour

A group of 20 somethings hangs out at the local night club. Written produced and directed by Lucinda McNary Starring Lionhear James CPT Destroyer Matusek Lucinda McNary. Music and... - 24.09.2007, Veoh
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Riding on the Beach - A Moviestorm Tutorial

A tutorial for showing how to make a horse move and puppet ride on it in Moviestorm. Includes a horse addon. Music by Lucinda McNary, Written, Produced and Directed by Lucinda... - 01.05.2009, Viddler
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Lisa Saves the World

Based on a play from 411 BC by Aristophanes, Lysistrata, this modern adaptation was written by Lucinda McNary. All music by Lucinda McNary, as well as all voice acting and... - 22.10.2008, Crackle
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Love is Out of Business

Love is Out of Business is a music video made for Lawrence Lynn (http://www.lawrencelynn.com/), Produced and directed by Lucinda McNary. Executive producer Clarence Wigfall... - 16.01.2009, Crackle
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Dreams or Something Like It

Fate intertwines the lives of two troubled people. Music and Lyrics by Chris Langas Vocals by Alex Sandford. Written Directed and Produced by Lucinda Mcnary dba Two Moon Graphics.... - 14.05.2007, Veoh
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Words can hurt or they can heal. This is a true story. Music by No, Really from the album Rust. Written, Produced and directed by Lucinda McNary Ranked 2.92 / 5 | 382 views | No... - 06.10.2008, Metacafe
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Vice Romania sings Friends in this video about a man who leaves an unfaithful woman hoping to find love with a friend. Written, produced and directed by Lucinda McNary omdb.us... - 17.12.2008, Vimeo
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Lucinda Curry Mcnary

United States
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Wonder Boy

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Invalid URL: ThePrimeSpot.com Localizes the Web Using New Media

2010-06-26 by azsno  ThePrimeSpot.com Presents …. a mini movie bу Lucinda McNary, аח artist, painter аחԁ “Virtual Tour Guide” wһο јυѕt released tһе first full feature movie οח moviestorm.co.uk called “Gone.” McNary's mοѕt recent creation іѕ a four minute ...
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The Man from Schenectady

2010-08-13 ... Phil Browne, Tera Whitten, Karin Bierman, Damon Lee Patterson, Denis Rekic. Music: The Willies, David S. Pickett, Tennessee Luke Written by Richard Poshard, Produced by Lucinda McNary and Richard Poshard, Directed by Lucinda McNary. ...
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Invalid URL: Stained Glass Window

2010-05-28 by k  Rose Robbins sings Stained Glass Window at an outdoor wedding. Made with Moviestorm. Music used with the permission of Rose Robbins. Written, produced and directed by Lucinda McNary. To hera more of Rose Robbins music go to ...
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Invalid URL: Words

2010-02-15 by admin  Words are powerful things. They can hurt and they can also heal. This is a true story. It happened in my family. That is our house and our neighborhood in the set. Music by No, Really. Produced and directed by Lucinda McNary ...
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Custom designed terrains!

2010-05-05 Music - I Miss You, by Lucinda McNary, lyrics by Carl Cubbedge, performed by Carl Cubbedge. All other music by Lucinda McNary. All these models are original and created by myself. Also because of the way the props are designed, ...
moviestorm.co.uk 2010-10-09  +  

Miami Spa Month best bets - Worldnews.com

Come and chat with Lucinda McNary at The Prime Spot.com -- go to theprimespot.com for schedule. ... Come and chat with Lucinda McNary at The Prime Spot.com -- go to theprimespot. ...
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Computer Animation Aids Promo Videos

WiMAX and 4G Latest News and Informational Portal ... Lucinda McNary is just getting to know the city of Long Beach -- through three-dimensional animation. ...
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Lucinda McNary @ Kansas City, Missouri

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