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Invalid URL: Emma Townshend - Can book swapping topple the mighty book group?

2009-08-21 by Emma Townshend  The invited guests were Jessica Ruston, new glamour novelist on the block (let's swiftly distinguish between glamour novelists and glamour models - Ruston's book is a sleek, sexy black and silver affair about the world's most luxurious ...
emmatownshend.independentminds.livejournal.com 2009-11-08  +  

Invalid URL: Thursday 16th November - Hero's and heroines with Jessica Ruston

2006-11-16 Jessica Ruston was today's guest re her book Heroines: The Bold, the Bad and the Beautiful (Long Barn Books) and you told us - Patrick Leigh Fermor, a primary school teacher who had the courage to let a left handed boy be, Mary Seacole, ...
lbc.co.uk 2009-11-08  +  

Cherie Booth QC in 'Bad' book

2006-11-17 by Arcati  "Ooh, can we send you a PR puff for the launch party of HEROINES: THE BOLD, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL by JESSICA RUSTON. There are goodie bags and one of the contributors is.. er... Cherie Booth QC." Susan's site link below left for ...
madamearcati.blogspot.com 2009-11-08  +  

The winners are...

2009-07-10 by Caroline Rance  Secondly, we have a signed copy of Jessica Ruston's LUXURY, published on 9 July by Headline Review. Set in the scandalous world of the über-rich, Luxury brings the guilty pleasures of the blockbuster genre into the 21st century. ...
strictlywriting.blogspot.com 2009-11-08  +  

Invalid URL: Nik's Blog: Jessica Ruston Interview

2009-07-08 by Nik Perring  What's the Jessica Ruston Writing Process? It took me a couple of years on and off, but, as with most first novels, that wasn't in a straight stretch as I was doing it in bursts around other work, getting an agent etc, so it's hard to ...
nikperring.blogspot.com 2009-11-08  +  

Invalid URL: Firestation Update

2009-07-15 by Scott Pack  Jessica Ruston is the author of Luxury , a sleek and sexy new blockbuster with a brain. She comes from exlempary literary stock and is not backwards in coming forwards so will certainly be up for a good chat. ...
meandmybigmouth.typepad.com 2009-11-08  +  

Bevin Court | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2009-08-05 by nobody@flickr.com (ly wylde)  LOL As for my day, well, I am now day three of being the new girl and I am really enjoying it despite the bugs and the severe lack of stationery...honestly, i neeeed paperclips NOW. Am also loving Jessica Ruston's Luxury.
flickr.com 2009-11-08  +  

Writer's choice 231: Jessica Ruston

03.11.2009 - by Norm  Jessica Ruston's first novel, Luxury, has just been published by Headline Review. She has written two non-fiction books, as well as screenplays and articles. Jessica lives in London with her husband where she is currently working on her ...
normblog.typepad.com 2009-11-08  +  

Crossing the Channel - 9/29/2008 - Publishers Weekly

2008-09-28 Jessica Ruston reinvents the blockbuster with Luxury, “a fabulously decadent read.” Daphne du Maurier meets CSI in Imogen Robertson's debut, Instruments of Darkness, set in 18th-century London, with all its intrigue and energy, ...
publishersweekly.com 2009-11-08  +  

Invalid URL: AQ And AI just did

2007-05-09 by Tom  Lost Tribes Of Pop Q and A at The Book Bar with Jessica Ruston.
tomcoxblog.blogspot.com 2009-11-08  +  


2006-12-09 by helenltaylor  This week I was invited to the soiree that Jessica Ruston and Susan Hill were holding at Crockatt and Powell (a lovely little bookshop tucked away by Waterloo) for the launch of Jessica's book Heroines: The Bold, The Bad & The Beautiful ...
comfortabledisorientation.typepad.com 2009-11-08  +  

Grumpy Old Bookman: Smile: it's Friday

2006-07-21 by Michael Allen  It's the brainchild of Jessica Ruston, who tells us that she writes and works for a small publisher. She immediately gets into my good books by admitting to having read Katie Price (aka Jordan)'s Angel. Verdict: 'It's pretty appalling. ...
grumpyoldbookman.blogspot.com 2009-11-08  +  

Book News: July Releases: 6th – 16th July

2009-06-30 by Leah  JESSICA RUSTON – LUXURY – 9TH JULY. Sexy, smart New Yorker Logan Barnes knew how to take what he wanted to get where he wanted to be. But you can't win the girl, make the money and live the high life without picking up enemies along the ...
chicklitreviews.wordpress.com 2009-11-08  +  

Heroines Part One

2006-11-26 by dovegreyreader  I have to declare that since Jessica Ruston's Heroines published by you-know-who, arrived it really has become the book at my right hand on my desk.I don't think a day has gone by when I haven't opened it just to check when I've come ...
dovegreyreader.typepad.com 2009-11-08  +  

Social Disaster at Book Swap Shocker

2009-08-24 by Spoonfed  The final guest is Jessica Ruston, author of the dreadful-sounding Luxury, set in the world of the super-rich and their hotels. Teething problems see the book-swapping left until the implausibly late hour of 10pm and a few awkward ...
spoonfedblog.com 2009-11-08  +  

REVIEWS by Adèle Geras

2009-10-06 by adele  Now here comes Jessica Ruston (who is the daughter of Susan Hill but couldn't be more different as a writer) to bring their delights back to a market packed with chick lit (not the same thing) and hen lit (even more different) and even ...
awfullybigblogadventure.blogspot.com 2009-11-08  +  

Crime round-up from the lost post

2007-06-07 by Maxine  In the meantime, according to Jessica Ruston of the Book Bar, you can visit the author's myspace page and make friends. In celebration of The Rap Sheet's first birthday, the blog has been collecting together recommendations of many ...
petrona.typepad.com 2009-11-08  +  


2008-05-01 by Susan Hill  I have loads of good ideas for fund-raising and I will send a free copy of Jessica Ruston`s book HOW SMALL GROUPS CAN RAISE BIG FUNDS to anyone who asks. I will match-fund what any school, PTA or other group related to an individual ...
blog.susan-hill.com 2009-11-08  +  

Invalid URL: RE: the birds....[Scanned]

2007-09-19 by nicholas.hale@accenture.com  To: 'SLADE Anna'; 'Ashleigh Lezard'; 'maclaren, Kirstin'; 'Jessica Ruston'; 'Jack Ruston'; 'Sophie Colman'; 'Sophie Silver'; joanna_carmichael@baa.com; 'Eva Hawkins'; jo.hs.lim@gmail.com; clare.ricketts@acppartners.com ...
xfruits.com 2009-11-08  +  

Food (and other) heroes

2006-10-24 by Karen Howlett  Oct.) about the professionalism and kindness shown by the food writer Claudia Roden when she was approached for a contribution to Jessica Ruston's book, "Heroines: The Bold, the Bad and the Beautiful". Our great friend Peter gave me a ...
cornflower.typepad.com 2009-11-08  +  

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