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Fejzulla Gjabri, 73, Folklorist @ Ministria e Kultures, Tirana

Homepage: yahoo.it
Birth name: Fejzulla, Nickname: fejzagjabri, Country: Albania, Language: English
I offer: Information for Epic of the province of Luma           Information about the Heroic EPOS in the Province of Dr. Fejzulla Gjabri, National Center of Folk Activities,                                                                                     Tirana Content short. This paper has reviewed the current situation in the river Brave songs, based on research made at the 20-th century and first decade of the 21 century's. In the first set of field research, Jackson, making a comparison and some villages around it, as in Has and Dibra. Published songs are recorded and collected in areas of Luma, some singers with lute toolkit, as older archetype, or with other tools later. For the preparation of this paper have been used to date publications, surveys, direct talks with popular artists, as well as reports from collaborators and colleagues, with a view to argue cycle of heroes and the presence of a lute in the river and its surroundings. Entry Songs are generally cultur
Fejzulla Gjabri @ Ministria e Kultures, Tirana

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Fejzulla Gjabri @ Tirana
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Personalitet  shumëdimenional në shërbim të kombit shqiptar
Fejzulla Gjabri @ Tirana
yasni 2014-05-18  +  

Bibliografi per shkrimtarin Haki Stermilli

Bibliografi e literaturës per Haki Stërmil...
Fejzulla Gjabri @ Tirana
yasni 2014-01-25  +  

Information for Epic of the province of Luma

Information for Epic of the province of Luma bravemen Information about the Heroic E...
Fejzulla Gjabri @ Tirana
yasni 2012-07-28  +  

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Fejzulla Gjabri @ Tirana

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