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Emil Pop, 53, Founder @ Clenergy, Carbonera

Birth name: Emil, Nickname: Nobody, Country: Italy, Messenger: Yasni messages only!, Language: English
I offer: my personality: ENTP, MAVERICK, My skills: 3 D design in Inventor, ultralight airplanes, helicopters, internal combustion rotary engines, thermodynamics, Green energies and renewable energies like: MicroHidro power plants for rivers, seas streams, tidal, wind energy machines, solar photovoltaic and solar thermo energy integrated systems, Living in Italy, Venice, Doing, industrial designing, drawing, engineering, prototyping, experimenting, leading teams and technology trends, building the future, creating, improving. Join me at: http://www.wouldntcareless.blogspot.com
Emil Pop @ Clenergy, Carbonera

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Emil Pop @ Carbonera
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Emil Pop - Emil Pop
June 11  +
Emil Pop - Emil Pops Page - StartUp
June 11  +
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
May 09  +
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
May 09  +
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
May 09  +
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
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Emil Pop @ Carbonera
May 09  +
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
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Somebody said the number "2" suicided in love!

Truth is number "2" does not even exist...
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
yasni 2010-11-20  +  

Don't focus on the bogus!

Internet is a whole new world.Some find green pastures, some simply get lost.
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
yasni 2010-10-05  +  

Give the people what they want!

So want do those people want?Online?To be spammed, naturally!  Or not?
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
yasni 2010-10-05  +  

The most powerful thing you can do on earth! Is whatever you do out of your hearth!

It doesen't matter if that's for your daily bread, or for your kids, or because you a...
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
yasni 2010-09-13  +  

vielen Dank

für die liebe Begleitung hier bein Yasni. Ich war nun mal über einen Monat vom Internet getrennt ...
Heinz Volker Neu @ Schermbeck
yasni 2010-09-12  +  

Internet Explorer expores BAD the web pages, get another browser!

  www.mindyourbusines.com Oversized letters, scripts blocked, pictures misplaced,...
Emil Pop @ Carbonera
yasni 2010-09-08  +  

Check out helpful locals in Italy - Localyte.com

About: I'm a travel consultant from Apulia, southern part of Italy, proud to ... Emil Pop in Venice, Italy. About: Born in Romania, at Brasov, I know all you need about my ...
localyte.com 2010-09-06  +  

Emil's Travel Service in Venice, Italy - Localyte.com

Emil Pop can help you with Helicopter, Cultural Experience, Farm, Rural & Agricultural in Venice, Italy - Localyte.com. Connect with locals for insider ...
localyte.com 2010-09-06  +  

Emil Pop (popemil)

Ort: Next to Venice, Italy / Inventor, patented, prototyped, scouting for markets and investors.
twitter.com 2010-09-01  +  

emil pop (popemil) on Plancast

emil pop (popemil) is using Plancast to share plans with friends and you can too.
plancast.com 2010-09-01  +  

Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

Parking: Save Facts or Cancel. Edit. Facts: Other names: Opening Hours: Rates: Website: Email: Telephone: Fax: Public Transport: Parking: Added by: Emil Pop ...
localyte.com 2010-09-01  +  

Emil Pop's Blog - StartUp

Blog One of the fastest growing Social Networks on the net, over 1.7 million new PVs last month. Twice featured in The Wall Street Journal.
sta.rtup.biz 2010-09-01  +  

Bingo, I did it again!

Warnings, I am vomitating ideas just as they come from mother nature in my brain, no filtering, no mercy, pure poison. I accept no complains, you read them ...
wouldntcareless.blogspot.com 2010-09-01  +  

Ultralight Helicopter | Ultralight Airplanes

Why an ultralight helicopter? The helicopters are beautiful and unique, but very ... Emil Pop at Dec, 30 '09 20:46. Jesse, the waiting will be a bit long, I am working on with ...
ultralight-airplanes.info 2010-09-01  +  

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