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David Nahinga, Manager @ Spinel Management Systems, Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi

Birth name: David, Nickname: Nahinga, Country: Kenya, Mobile: +254 720 578 632, E-mail: david.nahinga (at) gmail.com, Language: English
I offer: e-Africa Business & Social Club, Africa, Sustainable Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Developing Africa, Youth in Africa, Building Economics, Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, Kuna Vijana, Goshen Community, BROWN ORCHID DESIGN STUDIO Brochures, Magazine Layouts, Book Covers, CD/DVD Cover Designs, Logos, Letterheads, Flyers, Posters, Advertisements, Product Packaging, Company Report Designs, Business Cards, Graphics for animation, Cards, Calendars ?and anything under the sun that is called by the name of a "Graphic Design"
David Nahinga @ Spinel Management Systems, Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi

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David Nahinga @ Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi
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David Nahinga @ Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi
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David Nahinga - David Nahinga\x26#39;s Favorites
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David Nahinga @ Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi
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David Nahinga @ Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi
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David Nahinga @ Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi
Aug 09  1

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David Nahinga's Page - Business Fights Poverty

David Nahinga's Page on Business Fights Poverty ... At 5:12pm on July 16, 2009, David Nahinga said... I am seeking a partner to help me with the technical know ...
businessfightspoverty.ning.com 2009-10-13  +  

Invalid URL: Cv David Nahinga

My previous curriculum vitae ... Cv David Nahinga - Presentation Transcript. Curriculum Vitae 1.0 David Nahinga BA in Building Economics (Hons., UoN), Member I.Q.S.K, Project Mang ...
slideshare.net 2009-10-13  +  

Yes it Counts |though all cannot be copunted! [David Nahinga]

2009-09-18 Firstly to us and secondly to the Common Unity that knits us together into a Community. What exactly do you do online? One day someone might put a reflective injunction, Happy networking! David Nahinga, ...
ecademy.com 2009-10-13  +  

SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND |then you will be understood - Ecademy

2009-09-22 2. "Don't argue for other people's weaknesses. Don't argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it / immediately." Stephen R. Covey. Kind regards. David Nahinga, ...
ecademy.com 2009-10-13  +  

David Nahinga (nahinga)

Ort: Kenya / Thinker. Project manager. Building Economist. Social Entrepreneur. Club leader: e-Africa Business & Social Club. African to the bone and marrow!
twitter.com 2009-10-13  +  


This is a summary of the education issuesEDUCATION: The total population of young children ready to attend school is ... David Nahinga. Local Representative ...
nabuur.com 2009-10-13  +  

David Nahinga : Spotlight

Ecademy enables business people to connect through online networking using social media tools, at business networking events and 1-2-1 meetings - a ...
home.ecademy.com 2009-08-06  +  

David Nahinga

linkedin.com 2009-08-06  +  

Jan Mulder (ecademy_europe)

30.07.2009 3 segments of africa: "AFRICA RISING" [David Nahinga] http://bit.ly/vxTeH
twitter.com 2009-08-06  +  

Larry A Cochran, MBA (skollarrock)

05.08.2009 ##ecademy Tweet David Nahinga - Add as a Contact http://bit.ly/4wcOb
twitter.com 2009-08-06  +  

Brown Orchid (BOrchidDesign)

11.10.2009 @SisterHazelBand hello, kindly send me an invite to GoogleWave...anyone? david.nahinga@gmail.com
twitter.com 2009-10-13  +  

David Nahinga "Brown Orchid Design Studio | e-Africa Business ...

I am a practicing Building Economist | Member IQSK | Manager at Brown Orchid Design Studio |oDesk Certified ERP Consultant | Businessman | Social ...
ecademy.com 2009-08-06  +  

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David Nahinga @ Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi

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