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mvp summit 2008

2008-04-20 by (Guy Smith-Ferrier)  lorna williamson has a fantastic voice and really nailed her song (she used to sing in a band and it showed). science fiction museum that i found really interesting; music museum that was also interesting ...
guysmithferrier.com 2010-02-01  +  

Invalid URL: donotexposegenericlists error and using collection instead of list

2008-04-01 by Prajeesh Prathap, MCP  david kean from ms code analysis team has a very good article explaining the rule. i will try to use dave's example to explain the advantages of using collection over list while exposing the type for public api. ...
dotnetcorner.weblog.com 2010-02-01  +  

fxcop 1.36 released

2008-08-22 http://blogs.msdn.com/brada/archive/2008/08/2 0/fxcop-1-36-released.aspx david kean announces fxcop 1.36 release here are a few of the goodness from d.
gangyang.w028.iiddcc.com 2010-02-01  +  

ca2104: donotdeclarereadonlymutablereferencetype s

2008-01-05 by David DeWinter  if you're not familiar with the code analysis rule mentioned in the title of this post, i recommend you check out david kean's faq post here for some background. in summary, a violation of this rule may be fired even if you declare a ...
blogs.rev-net.com 2010-02-01  +  

consenting adults

2008-12-09 by Ayende Rahien  david kean has an interesting post here: "i can't believe microsoft didn't make [enter api name here] public". in particular, he mentions this aging argument: developing good apis is extremely difficult, especially the first time around ...
ayende.com 2010-02-01  +  

2 years ago I gave up on Silverlight

2009-05-23 by Kernel  NET 3.5 and the ExpressionVisitor code, so much so that a David Kean from Microsoft jumped in to explain the situation. For the most part though, all it did was highlight how inefficient and unwilling to change Microsoft was. ...
forum.codecall.net 2010-02-01  +  

Invalid URL: use collection instead of list for public api

2008-01-08 by Dave Donaldson  david kean from the ms code analysis team does a good job of expanding on why that rule is in place. his post provides a good example that hopefully drives the point home. take a second to read it. but my point is that i find it very ...
arcware.net 2010-02-01  +  

Consenting Adults and Public APIs

2008-12-09 by Cory Foy  Ayende has a post entitled "Consenting Adults" about a recent post by David Kean on why MSFT tries to lock down their APIs. Don't get me wrong - I don't like sealed and internal classes any more than the rest of us. ...
cornetdesign.com 2010-02-01  +  

code analysis (ca1304) - must call faultreason.faultreason(string ...

2008-04-09 by dansen  it does however provide an internal faultreason(string text, cultureinfo cultureinfo) constructor. faultreason. after the help of rory who confirmed with david kean from the code analysis team that this was a bug, i submitted feedback ...
dansen.wordpress.com 2010-02-01  +  

linkblog for february 22, 2009

2009-02-22 by AZuidhof  david kean ' (…) we would better off adding c-style macros to one of the languages, allowing us to #define the syntax differences between the two languages, and then kill off the other '; oo is irrelevant! - brett schuchert ...
arjansworld.com 2010-02-01  +  

Prajeesh's C# Blog: DoNotExposeGenericLists error and Using ...

2008-04-01 by Prajeesh Prathap, MCP  David Kean from MS Code Analysis team has a very good article explaining the rule. I will try to use Dave's example to explain the advantages of using Collection<T> over List<T> while exposing the type for public API. ...
blogsprajeesh.blogspot.com 2010-02-01  +  

Pictures from Code Camp Oz

2009-04-03 by liammclennan  David Kean A lap around the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF). Paul Stovell Aspect Orientated Programming in .NET. Omar Besiso Aspect Orientated Programming in .NET. Bill Chesnut A Dive into Dublin: WF & WWCF Application Server ...
hackingon.net 2010-02-01  +  

Array, Collection, IEnumerable Usage Guidelines

2008-12-13 by David Kean  Please read this first: About Dave's 'unofficial' Framework Design Guidelines. þ DO treat a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic and nullptr in C++/CLI) and an empty collection or IEnumerable as equivalent. ...
davesbox.com 2010-02-01  +  

Krzysztof Cwalina : Managed Extensibility Framework

2008-04-25 by kcwalina  My name is David Kean and I'm a software developer at Microsoft in Redmond. There I work on the Managed. # Dave's Box said on June 4, 2008 3:37 AM: After accidentally losing my last personal domain and blog to an 'advertising' ...
blogs.msdn.com 2010-02-01  +  

Invalid URL: brought to you by: microsoft fxcop 1.35 for download

2008-02-29 last night david kean built a code gallery site for you to download it: download microsoft fxcop 1.35 remember you can still get fxcop 1.36 beta from microsoft downloads. >> subscribe to feed ads by pheedo.
personalbee.com 2010-02-01  +  

frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger : Come chat with the Visual ...

2007-11-21 by frankarr  Just saw this come across the aus-dotnet mailing list, Upcoming chat with the VSTS group Thx for sharing David From: David Kean Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 10:55 AM To: dotnet@stanski.com; listserver@oztfs.com Subject: ...
blogs.msdn.com 2010-02-01  +  

Invalid URL: vs2008 multitargeting gets even better with sp1

2008-09-02 for those we added a new fxcop rule in vs2008sp1… i highly recommend you use this if you are cross targeting. david kean has the full play by play, but basically you enable […] would you like to know more ? go here.
easycoded.com 2010-02-01  +  

microsoft fxcop 1.35 for download

2008-02-29 by Charles_Sterling  fxcop has historically been on gotdotnet - since we turned that off last week we didn't have a location for downloading "just" the released version of fxcop -outside downloading the entire sdk. last night david kean built a code gallery ...
blogs.msdn.com 2010-02-01  +  

sqlclr interop between sql server versions and visual studio multi ...

2008-09-18 by bobb.nospam@nospam.sqlskills.com (admin)  a friend of mine was asking about the affect of multi-targeting in visual studio 2008 on sqlclr. for an explanation of how multi-targeting works, reference david kean's blog entry on visual studio 2008 multi-targeting and fxcop. ...
sqlskills.com 2010-02-01  +  

Invalid URL: new for visual studio 2008 sp1 and fxcop 1.36 – multi-targeting rule

2008-08-26 by calcock  david kean talks about a useful fxcop rule which is available in both fxcop and visual studio 2008 sp1 installations which support code analysis, which helps ensure that the code written does not depend on functionality out side the ...
ma.gnolia.com 2010-02-01  +  

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