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Tali Farchi, 66, Visual artist/ preformer @ Paint in Action, Zwolle

Homepage: talifarchi.com
Nickname: Tali, Country: Netherlands, E-mail: anipo12 (at) gmail.com, Language: English
I offer: I'm a painter, performer, animator and illustrator. as painter i typically painting live, with live musicians . some shows i work with the American painter Royce deans, and some also with the dancer Benno Hubner. all are live shows in front of the audiences that are watching the proses of making painting or decor. September-October 2011 we took part in the large art compaction in the world "ArtPrize" in Grand Rapids Michigan US. during two weeks we painted 50 paintings of 120X120 cm (4x4 feet) all the painting are hanging in the space we have created them in Steepletown center Grand Rapids . all for sell now. www.paintinaction.com also we had 2 performance with Chicago modern Orchestra. I offer our skill to paint live , with Live music as inspiration, and let you all see the presses or creating art. As illustrator and animator i'm offering my unique style of fast and reassure lines and watercolors .www.talifarchi.com hope you will visit my websites. Thanks!!
Tali Farchi @ Paint in Action, Zwolle

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Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
Oct 10  +
Tali Farchi - Tali Farchi live
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Tali Farchi - Tali Farchi
Jan 13  +
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
June 11  +
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
June 11  +
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
June 11  +
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
June 11  +
Tali Farchi - Tali Farchi (Anipo) on Twitter
June 11  +
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
June 11  +

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Artist Table

ArtisTTable is an online community for artists and art lovers. We host monthly juried online exhibit...
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
artisttableonline.com 2013-02-08  +  

The Art of Royce and Tali

More the 150 paintings are in this online gallery.. all of the art work was created by Tali Farchi (...
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
sites.google.com 2013-01-09  +  

ArtPrize Jukebox by Royce Deans — Kickstarter

Royce Deans is raising funds for ArtPrize Jukebox on Kickstarter! An interactive live painting pr...
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
kck.st 2011-08-08  +  

ArtPrize Jukebox

23 days to go.. help us to make it an susses and YOU will be part of it!? THANKS!
Tali Farchi @ Zwolle
yasni 2011-08-08  +  

Mo(ve)ment at Oerol Festival

Mo(ve)ment is a crossover of action painting (Tali Farchi) and modern dance (Benno Hübner). This fragment of ten minutes is taken from a performance at the Oerol Festival. The... - 13.03.2006, YouTube
blinkx.com 2011-06-18  +  

Live Painting on live music in Amsterdam

Improvisation of live painting on live music (Short part) (projected on the big screen while live painting) Painter: Tali Farchi The Musicians were: Wolter Wierbos - trombone... - 03.12.2008, YouTube
blinkx.com 2011-06-18  +  

Tali meets Ha'man again

Short part from the last preferment "Tali meets Ha'man" This time in Zwolle The Netherlands. Tali Farchi's live painting to Ha'man's music. www.bno-productions.nl/movement - 10.05.2008, YouTube
blinkx.com 2011-06-18  +  

Chicago's Dan Peterman: Ecology, Activism and the Public Space ...

15.05.2011 ... Syndromes and a Century, Syndy Ziegenfuss, Synesthesia for the TImes, Synthetic/Sublime, Sze Lin Pang, Tacita Dean, Tade Abidoye, Taking Her Children Back Home, Tali Farchi, Tall Grass Arts Association, Tallulah Bankhead ...
chicagoartmagazine.com 2011-06-18  +  

coloroboration and…. | zelwel.com

24.04.2011 the coloroboration between royce deans and tali farchi and the gHOST project took place on march 15, 2011 and came about thru an ad placed on craigslist (don't say craigslist never gave you anything………). gHOST project is ...
zelwel.com 2011-06-18  +  

I Am Logan Square: Collaborative painting and weekend art openings!

30.03.2011 For 10 days the empty storefront at 2515 N. Milwaukee was a lively space - full of painting and music - that culminated in a truly spectacular collection of pieces produced by artists Tali Farchi of the Netherlands and Royce Deans of ...
iamlogansquare.blogspot.com 2011-06-18  +  

The Colorboration Project – Chicago

09.03.2011 The two painters, Royce Deans (Michigan) and Tali Farchi (Netherlands/Israel) have been working together in this way for years, and in Chicago will be collaborating with local musicians and poets in ways that will cross pollinate the ...
chicagoartmachine.com 2011-06-18  +  

Royce Deans Studio: Royce Deans dot com

30.10.2009 Tali Farchi and Royce Deans: The Colorboration Project is an artistic collaboration between the Dutch/Israeli painter, Tali Farchi and the U.S. painter, Royce Deans. This blog will chronicle their collaborative projects around the world ...
roycedeans.blogspot.com 2011-06-18  +  

Live Painting with Live Music on Friday Night at Heaven Gallery

11.03.2010 On Friday, March 12 at 10 pm, Tali Farchi and Royce Deans will be painting to music performed by Wilbert de Joode (bass), Dave Rempis (reeds), and Mike Reed (drums) at Heaven Gallery, 1550 N. Milwaukee, 2nd floor in Chicago. ...
gapersblock.com 2011-06-18  +  

Recent Work - Paint in Action

Welcome to the world of the live multi-media, multi-cultural performances of Tali Farchi, Benno Hübner and Royce Deans. Their sho …
paintinaction.com 2011-06-18  +  

Invalid URL: About Us - L5

Tali Farchi - v. d Wouden was born in Haifa, Israel. She studied in The Hague and Amsterdam (Gerrit Rietveld academe) in audio visual and animation. ...
l5live.com 2011-06-18  +  

Invalid URL: Download Isaac hayes I Stand Accused (live) video at savevid.com

To download Youtube videos you should click "Run" when java window opens. ... Isaac hayes/Run Fay Run/Livepainting /Tali Farchi Views: 0 Downloads: 2 ...
savevid.com 2011-06-18  +  

Tali Farchi - Artist, Self - Zwolle - Netherlands

Tali Farchi - See my professional info and contact me here!. Tali Farchi has been a member on Visible.me since May 28, 2008.
visible.me 2011-06-18  +  

logansquare - Paint in Action

Welcome to the world of the live multi-media, multi-cultural performances of Tali Farchi, Benno Hübner and Royce Deans. Their shows are live and creative art ...
paintinaction.com 2011-06-18  +  

Kibbutz Artzi

Artists Tali Farchi and Royce Deans, painting live in Kibbutz Ortal ... Artists Tali Farchi and Royce Deans, painting live in Kibbutz Ortal in the Golan ...
wn.com 2011-06-18  +  

Invalid URL: CHAVA - FilesTube Video Search

Tali Farchi recently performed at the Amsterdam T (More) A beautiful ... painter Tali Farchi who paints on klezmer music by Chava Alberstein and the Klezmatics. ...
video.filestube.com 2011-06-18  +  

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