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Sita Ram Dhiman, 67, Retired Officer @ Self, Bilaspur H.P.

Birth name: Sita Ram, Nickname: Dhiman, Country: India, Phone: 0177-2658625, Mobile: 09816381205, Messenger: Yahoo., E-mail: sitaramdhiman (at), Language: English
I offer: My self Sita Ram Dhiman, belongs to a village, in Teh.Ghumarwin, District Bilaspur H.P. joined Govt.service at Bilaspur, then at Solan, then at Shimla. Retired as Assistant Registrar, H.P. State Consumer Commission, Shimla as Class 1 Officer. After retirement associated with many social organisations National, State leve, and also joined BSP influenced by Behin Kumar Mayawati's policies and programme for the upliftment of poor, downtrodden and backwards in the Society. I am Secretary, National Welfare and Anti corruption Trust, General Secy, Himachal Vishvakarma Pratinidhi Sabhy, General Secy, Shimla District Pensioners Welfare Association, Senior Vice President, Himalya Brahmo Samaj Temple Committe, Shimla, Press Secretary, Himachal Senior Citizen Forums, Vice President Shimla District Bahujan Samaj Party, President, Himalyan Jariti much, Sat on Dharna in support of Anna Hazare during his first Agitation for Jan Lok Pal Bill. Written many blogs on of international, national
Sita Ram Dhiman @ Self, Bilaspur H.P.

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Sita Ram Dhiman @ Bilaspur H.P.
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Sita Ram Dhiman - Sita Dhiman
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Sita Ram Dhiman - Sita Ram Dhiman - Google+
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Sita Ram Dhiman - Mr. Sita Ram Dhiman
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Sita Ram Dhiman @ Bilaspur H.P.
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Sita Ram Dhiman - Sita Ram Dhiman
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Sita Ram Dhiman - Sita Ram Dhiman Dhiman. Title: at; Demographic info: Shimla Area, ...
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Sita Ram Dhiman @ Bilaspur H.P.
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Sita Ram Dhiman @ Bilaspur H.P.
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The Election Commission or India , at any moment can declare the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Elections as these are due before December, 2012. The main two parties one the ruling B.J.P. and the main opposition Congress are preparing tooth and nail for getting the victory in these elections. The friction in B.J.P. has devided the B.J.P. and a new outfit of Himachal Lokhit Party has came into existance. On the other hand there is also a big bikering in the Congress party where the old President Kaul Singh Thakur has been replaced by Vir Bhadra Singh recently. The conclusion is this that in the coming elections, congress men will try to defeat the congress candidates and the B.J.P. workers will try to defeat the B.J.P. official candidates in the coming elections. Whereas there are other parties which are going the test luck of their candidates in the coming elections. Such as B.S.P., Himachal Swabhiman Party, Lok Janshakti party, Trinmook Congress, N.C.P. etc.etc. besides many independents. In such circumstances it will be very early to say any thing who will be forming the next Government in Himachal Pradesh. Both congress and the B.J.P. have very badly been exposed in the public in connection with corruption charges against both and people of the State are quite aware about their rights and they will vote very carefully this time. Sita Ram Dhiman, B.S.P. Vice President, Shimla Himachal Pradesh, ( M ) 09816381205
Sita Ram Dhiman @ Bilaspur H.P.
yasni 2012-09-07  +  


It is quite unfortunate that there is going fighting and battle in the B.J.P. at the National level. It not in the good taste for the main opposition party of the country. In a democratic set up there should be a very strong opposition in the parliament and in the State Assembleis for healthy democratic norms. The mud sliding on each other in the highest level has demorlised and suttered the moral of all workers of the party throughout the country. The defeat of the party during last parliamentary elections is not due to the workers . It is due to the leaders of the party at the highest level who are fighting for their survival at every noock and corner. If Juswant Singh did crime by writing a book in which the name of Jinniha , Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel has been mentioned the similar crime has been done by L.K. Advani when he visited Pakistan last years. There should not be double standard for the same crime. The B.J.P. and the RRS should be separated permanently if B.J.P. wants to rule the country. The RRS man Nathu Ram Godse, has killed Mahatma Gandhi by shooting. Every Indian as well world leaders know it. There can be difference of opinion in the parties in a democratic set up but there should not be murderd of each other. RRS is a social organisation and it should remain within its limits. The situation is prevailing in the world today that till any body wants any advice from any other, no advice should be given to any on its own. B.J.P. is a political party and there is a number of game in the democracy. It its numbers come big, it can rule the country. But it is not possible for it go gett big numbers till it is getting assistance from the RRS. It should be made a very refined party answerable and accountable to the country on every account.
Sita Ram Dhiman @ Bilaspur H.P.
yasni 2009-08-26  +  


BLACK MONEY IN FOREIGN SWISS BANKS. BLACK MONEY IN FOREIGN SWISS BANKS.Despite my letter dated 15th of October,2008, addressed to the Prime Minister of India, all the Chief Ministers of the country and all opposition leaders of different political parties requesting therein that the entire black money deposited in the foreign Swiss Banks be brought to India through an ordinance and further it be distributed to every family as a financial security Rs. One lac per month for five years. By doing this, the suicide deaths , militancy , burglaries, unemployment amongst the educated youths , thefts etc. etc. will be totally controlled. I am surprised that no leader acknowledged my letter but for the first time , the Janta Dal President, Mr. Sarad Yadav ,had put a demand from the Government of India that entire black money should be brought to the country. He however did not elaborate that how this money will be spent further. Similarly, thereafter, Mr. L.K. Advani, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha also demanded the same type of action in respect of Black money. After the demand was raised by Mr. Advani, the entire BJP throughout India started demanding the same thing. However, no leader has every said that the black money to be brought to India will be distributed to the Indians by way of financial security of every family as Rs. One lac per month for five years.Now, I , the floater of this idea to the nation, again request through this blogger all the leaders whether they are in power or in opposition, to raise this issue particularly at this juncture as the elections of Lok Sabha are going to be held and completed by 13th of May, 2009.
Sita Ram Dhiman @ Bilaspur H.P.
yasni 2009-08-17  +  

Delhi State Assembly Elections 2008

View Delhi State Assembly Election poll schedule, candidate list, statistical reports, blogs, key ... ANJUM BHARTI. OTH. Gandhi Nagar. LEKH RAJ. BJSH. Gandhi ...
22x 2009-06-02  +  

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Sita Ram Dhiman @ Self, Bilaspur H.P.
Sita Ram

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