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Sienna Raimonde, Author, Poet, Buffalo, NY

Country: United States of America, Language: English
I offer: "A Place Called Return" by Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde .................. and "On Eagles Wings" by Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde.............Poetry is Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde’s language of choice, and she feels it like a river—ever flowing—surprising us with the way it twists and meanders around each bend. Her poetry and prose has elements encased within it that are drawn from life experiences. She will surprise you, enlighten you, encourage you, and stir you up, but never bore you. You are about to embark on a journey to which you will return again and again. This is an author you will not forget. In this second book, the eagle will cause you to soar with wisdom and revelation, and, like the wind—utters the past—and informs us of things to come. Sienna Raimonde reflects the Spirit of her God, and like the Son, His shining brightness beams through the poetry and prose in this book.
Sienna Raimonde @ Buffalo, NY

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Sienna Raimonde @ Buffalo, NY
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Sienna Raimonde @ Buffalo, NY
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Invalid URL: A Place Called Return (9781441580764) - Sienna Elizabeth - Cdon

Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde (Pocket). 199 kr ... Titel: A Place Called Return, Forfatter: Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde ... Alle titler med Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde ...
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Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde (Forfatter). Titler av denne personen. Place Called Return - 2009 - (9781441580764). Vår pris: 176,- ...
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Invalid URL: - a place called return af Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde

Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde - 167,13 Dkk - ... RATING. Anmeld dette produkt. Forfattere, Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde. Indbinding, Paperback. LÆS MERE ...
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Sienna Raimonde @ Buffalo, NY

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