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Birth name: Raffi, Nickname: NuVela, Country: United States of America, Language: English
I offer: varicose vein treatment varicose veins Los Angeles sclerotherapy vein clinic vein specialist Los Angeles vein clinics vein doctor
Raffi Dishakjian @ Nu Vela Esthetica, Los Angeles

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Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
Sept 10  +
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
Sept 10  +

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Invalid URL: American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS): For Patients: Find an AACS Doctor

Founded in 1985, the mission of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is to advance the specialty...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
cosmeticsurgery.org 2011-12-16  +  

Exciting News for Nu Vela Esthetica Clients

Nu Vela has some exciting news to share with you. We will now be carryi...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
yasni 2010-11-26  +  

Invalid URL: Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, MD Helps Patients Lose Fat with Non-Surgical

2007-12-07 by phil  Forbes - “Lipotherapy gives you the results of liposuction, without the risks and ramifications of invasive surgery,” states Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, MD, who performs Injection Lipotherapy at Nu Vela Esthetica in Porter Ranch, California. ...
healthpump.info 2010-11-18  +  

Invalid URL: Nu Vela Esthetica Offers Effective Spider Vein Treatment

2010-08-31 by SueJerdak  Raffi Dishakjian and his team keep looking for new techniques and procedures that will help them in better diagnosis and treatment of the patients. Spider vein treatment at the Center is often done by a custom procedure that uses a ...
information-online.com 2010-11-18  +  

Spider Veins on Face

Raffi Dishakjian 13 days ago. Unlike leg veins, the main cause for spider veins on the face, is not venous reflux, but the breakdown of collagen in the veins.
hubpages.com 2010-11-18  +  

Vein Treatment in California | Varicose,…

Nu Vela Esthetica Raffi Dishakjian, M.D. 11200 Corbin Ave Suite 104 Porter Ranch, California 91326
veindirectory.org 2010-11-18  +  

Phlebology : Raffi Dishakjian MD Nuvelaesthetica 11200corbinavenue ...

California : Phlebology : Raffi Dishakjian MD Nuvelaesthetica 11200corbinavenue Suite104 Porterranch CA 91326 (818)832-4500.
healthcarehiring.com 2010-11-18  +  

Insight Into VNUS Closure Procedure and EVLT - Two Revolutionary Vein Treatment Modalities

Two minimally invasive endovenous varicose vein treatment modalities; namely, the VNUS closure proce...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
ezinearticles.com 2010-11-18  +  

Invalid URL: Los Angeles Medical Spa | Microdermabrasion | Skin Peel | Skin Resurfacing

Our medical spa offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including microdermabrasion, a procedure fo...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
nuvelaesthetica.com 2010-11-18  +  

Why Do Spider Veins Sometimes Reappear Soon After Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Sclerotherapy, the most common treatment for reticular and spider veins, involves the injection of a...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
ezinearticles.com 2010-10-17  +  

Will Endovenous Vein Closure Procedures Solve Your Vein Problem?

In endovenous vein closure procedures varicose veins are accessed and treated from inside the target...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
articlesalley.com 2010-10-17  +  

Nu Vela Esthetica Offers Effective Spider Vein Treatment

Nu Vela Esthetica was founded by Dr. Raffi Dishakjian in 2005. The Cosmetic Laser and Vein Center ai...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
free-press-release.com 2010-09-28  +  

The Major Cause for Sclerotherapy Failure and Recurrence of Spider Veins After Treatment

The article discusses the merits of sclerotherapy for reticular and spider vein treatment and explai...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
freeprnow.com 2010-09-28  +  

Sclerotherapy is the Ideal Treatment for Blood Vessel Malformations

Sclerotherapy is a treatment used for treating blood vessels or blood vessel malformations. The medi...
Raffi Dishakjian @ Los Angeles
articlesbase.com 2010-09-28  +  

Raffi Dishakjian

Greater Los Angeles Area
linkedin.com 2010-09-07  +  

Raffi Dishakjian (NuVelaToday)

Ort: Los Angeles, CA / Phlebologist, vein specialist, and Cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles.
twitter.com 2010-09-07  +  

I had Ultrashape and it did work for me. It was painless ...

2007-10-02 by blogger queen  "The fat is broken down and it's absorbed by the body, and it's excreted mostly in the stool and urine," said lipotherapy specialist Dr. Raffi Dishakjian. The injections are marketed under many names -- LipoZap, Lipo-Dissolve, ...
hadultrashape.blogspot.com 2010-09-07  +  

Which Varicose Vein Treatment Is The Best?

2 Sep 2010 ... Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, M.D., is a board certified physician, a phlebologist (vein specialist) and a cosmetic surgeon. ...
lensmasters.slinkset.com 2010-09-07  +  

The Mid Face Rejuvenation

2009-07-30 by danitadanita  Raffi Dishakjian. While traditional facelifts correct gross laxity of facial structures (skin, muscles and ligaments), they do not address the underlying volume loss that the aging face suffers, especially in people who maintain their ...
danitadanita.wordpress.com 2010-09-07  +  

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