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Prabhsharan Singh, 54, farmer @ farmer, Jalandhar

Birth name: Prabhsharan singh, Nickname: singh, Country: India, Language: English
I offer: Nobody is right till somebody is wrong… Nobody is weak till somebody is strong… Nobody is lucky till love comes along… Nobody is lonely till somebody is gone. Missing U!
Prabhsharan Singh @ farmer, Jalandhar

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Hope for the best

One SONG Can Spark A Moment One FLOWER Can Wake The Dream One TREE Can Start A Forest One BIRD Can Herald Spring One SMILE Begins A Friendship One HANDCLASP Lifts A Soul One STAR Can Guide A Ship At Sea One WORD Can Frame The Goal One VOTE Can Change A Nation One SUNBEAM Lights A Room One CANDLE Wipes Out Darkness One LAUGH Will Conquer Gloom One STEP Must Start Each Journey One WORD Must Start A Prayer One HOPE Will Raise Our Spirits One TOUCH Can Show You Care One VOICE Can Speak With Wisdom One HEART Can Know What Is True One LIFE Can Make A Difference
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2011-11-04  +  

Grandfather’s Letter

One day, a young man was cleaning out his late grandfather’s belongings when he came across a bright red envelope. Written on the front were the words, “To my grandson.” Recognizing his grandfather’s handwriting, the boy opened the envelope. A letter inside read: Dear Ronny, Years ago you came to me for help. You said, “Grandpa, how is it that you’ve accomplished so much in your life? You’re still full of energy, and I’m already tired of struggling. How can I get that same enthusiasm that you’ve got?” I didn’t know what to say to you then. But knowing my days are numbered, I figure that I owe you an answer. So here is what I believe. I think a lot of it has to do with how a person looks at things. I call it ‘keeping your eyes wide open.’ First, realize that life is filled with surprises, but many are good ones. If you don’t keep watching for them, you’ll miss half the excitement. Expect to be thrilled once in a while, and you will be. When you meet up with challenges, welcome them. They’ll leave you wiser, stronger, and more capable than you were the day before. When you make a mistake, be grateful for the things it taught you. Resolve to use that lesson to help you reach your goals. And always follow the rules. Even the little ones. When you follow the rules, life works. If you think you ever really get by with breaking the rules, you’re only fooling yourself. It’s also important to decide exactly what you want. Then keep your mind focused on it, and be prepared to receive it. But be ready to end up in some new places too. As you grow with the years, you’ll be given bigger shoes to fill. So be ready for endings as well as challenging beginnings. Sometimes we have to be brave enough to move from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Life isn’t just reaching peaks. Part of it is moving from one peak to the next. If you rest too long in between, you might be tempted to quit. Leave the past in the past. Climb the next mountain and enjoy the view. Dump things that weigh you down emotionally and spiritually. When an old resentment, belief, or attitude becomes heavy, lighten your load. Shed those hurtful attitudes that slow you down and drain your energy. Remember that your choices will create your successes and your failures. So consider all the pathways ahead, and decide which ones to follow. Then believe in yourself, get up, and get going. And be sure to take breaks once in a while. They’ll give you a renewed commitment to your dreams and a cheerful, healthy perception of the things that matter the most to you. Most important of all, never give up on yourself. The person that ends up a winner is the one who resolves to win. Give life everything you’ve got, and life will give its best back to you. Love always,Grandpa
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2011-09-27  +  

Expressing unconditional love

Expressing unconditional love is the healing mandated through your agreement for ascension. There is no judgment, criticism or denial in love. The human knows fear while the divine knows love. The human aspect must be taught love in order to know it and that is what you do when you practice love, acceptance and non-judgment with everyone. If you connect to the fearful human through judgment you become part of their fear. When you connect to them through your divine center, you reveal their light to them and they can find their own divinity. This also begins within you, for as you love your own human self you allow your divinity to bring forth its highest aspects and this is how you create heaven on earth.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2011-03-25  +  

March 5

1623 - The first alcohol temperance law in the colonies was enacted in Virginia. 1624 - In the American colony of Virginia, the upper class was exempted from whipping by legislation. 1750 - "King Richard III" was performed in New York City. It was the first Shakespearean play to be presented in America. 1766 - The first Spanish governor of Louisiana, Antonio de Ulloa, arrived in New Orleans. 1770 - "The Boston Massacre" took place when British troops fired on a crowd in Boston killing five people. Two British troops were later convicted of manslaughter. 1793 - Austrian troops defeated the French and recaptured Liege. 1836 - Samuel Colt manufactured the first pistol (.34-caliber). 1842 - A Mexican force of over 500 men under Rafael Vasquez invaded Texas for the first time since the revolution. They briefly occupied San Antonio, but soon headed back to the Rio Grande. 1845 - The U.S. Congress appropriated $30,000 to ship camels to the western U.S. 1864 - For the first time, Oxford met Cambridge in track and field competition in England. 1867 - An abortive Fenian uprising against English rule took place in Ireland. 1868 - The U.S. Senate was organized into a court of impeachment to decide charges against President Andrew Johnson. 1872 - George Westinghouse patented the air brake. 1900 - The American Hall of Fame was founded. 1900 - Two U.S. battleships left for Nicaragua to halt revolutionary disturbances. 1901 - Germany and Britain began negotiations with hopes of creating an alliance. 1902 - In France, the National Congress of Miners decided to call for a general strike for an 8-hour day. 1907 - In St. Petersburg, Russia, the new Duma opened. 40,000 demonstrators were dispersed by troops. 1910 - In Philadelphia, PA, 60,000 people left their jobs to show support for striking transit workers. 1910 - The Moroccan envoy signed the 1909 agreement with France. 1912 - The Italians became the first to use dirigibles for military purposes. They used them for reconnaissance flights behind Turkish lines west of Tripoli. 1918 - The Soviets moved the capital of Russia from Petrograd to Moscow. 1922 - Phoebe Anne Oakley Mozee broke all existing records for women's trap shooting. She hit 98 out of 100 targets. 1923 - Old-age pension laws were enacted in the states of Montana and Nevada. 1924 - Frank Caruana of Buffalo, NY, became the first bowler to roll two perfect games in a row. 1933 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered a four-day bank holiday in order to stop large amounts of money from being withdrawn from banks. 1933 - The Nazi Party won 44 percent of the vote in German parliamentary elections. 1934 - In Amarillo, TX, the first Mother's-In-Law Day was celebrated. 1943 - Germany called fifteen and sixteen year olds for military service due to war losses. 1946 - Winston Churchill delivered his "Iron Curtain Speech". 1946 - The U.S. sent protests to the U.S.S.R. on incursions into Manchuria and Iran. 1953 - Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin died. He had been in power for 29 years. 1956 - The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the ban on segregation in public schools. 1969 - Gustav Heinemann was elected West German President. 1970 - A nuclear non-proliferation treaty went into effect after 43 nations ratified it. 1976 - The British pound fell below the equivalent of $2 for the first time in history. 1977 - U.S. President Jimmy Carter appeared on CBS News with Walter Cronkite for the first "Dial-a-President" radio talk show. 1982 - John Belushi died in Los Angeles of a drug overdose at the age of 33. 1984 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that cities had the right to display the Nativity scene as part of their Christmas display. 1984 - The U.S. accused Iraq of using poison gas. 1985 - Mike Bossy, of the New York Islanders, became the first National Hockey League player to score 50 goals in eight consecutive seasons. 1993 - Cuban President Fidel Castro said that Hillary Clinton is "a beautiful woman." 1993 - Sprinter Ben Johnson was banned from racing for life by the Amateur Athletic Association after testing positive for banned performance-enhancing substances for a second time. 1997 - North Korea and South Korea met for first time in 25 years for peace talks. 1997 - Chuck Niles received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 1998 - NASA announced that an orbiting craft had found enough water on the moon to support a human colony and rocket fueling station. 1998 - It was announced that Air Force Lt. Col. Eileen Collins would lead crew ofColumbia on a mission to launch a large X-ray telescope. She was the first woman to command a space shuttle mission. 2004 - Martha Stewart was found guilty of lying about the reason for selling 3,298 shares of ImClone Systems stock, conspiracy, making false statement and obstruction of justice.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2011-03-05  +  

Heart Prints

Whatever our hands touch... we leave fingerprints on. On walls, on furniture, on door knobs, dishes and books. As we touch we leave our identity.. Oh please where ever I go today... help me leave heart prints. Heart prints of compassion, understanding and love. Heart prints of kindness and genuine concern. May my heart touch a lonely neighbour... or a runaway daughter... or an anxious mother... or perhaps a dear friend! I shall go out today... to leave heart prints... and if some one should say... "I felt your touch!"
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2011-02-25  +  


20 FEB - 20 MAR Fishes will be enjoying a mixed platter when it comes to 2011. The four Fs are going to be their support system -food, finance, family and fun! Socialising, friends, partying keeps you happy. Your stars are so powerful that don’t get surprised if you trip over a treasure-box or hit a jackpot. Stars in the first six months of the year indicate buying, selling, leasing and income augmentation. Jupiter in your 2nd House will ensure gain of wealth, and later when it moves to your 3rd House Communications will become very crucial. Material resources shall lead to comfort and pleasure. However, matters related to tax, legacy, property or other legal issues may get troublesome during mid-year. Beware, as Ganesha warns you against expressing yourself freely on social media. Take good care of yourself towards the end of the year. Saturn in your 8th House may mean some problems. Take care! All in all, a wonderful and adventurous year ahead of you you, yet do remember that too much risk is injurious to health.  
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-12-26  +  


22 AUG - 23 SEP It's time to clink the glasses! 2011 is a lot about money with Jupiter, the mighty planet in your 8th House of funds and finances. Your income sources may increase, and there are also chances of inheritance or windfall. The year ahead invites name, fame and is about rites, rituals, journey, pilgrimages et. al. Jupiter transit (from January to June) strongly indicates your inclination towards religious practices and spirituality. And, if you feel disturbed, studying occult can yield benefits. At work, you may have to face severe competition from your rivals. Saturn in 2nd House indicates deception, money issues, fights and even gains from close relations. Ganesha flashes a red signal for health- minor trips or accidents are on cards; be careful. Stomach, eyes, mouth and throat will be sensitive – follow the adage 'a stitch in time saves nine.' When Jupiter moves to your 9th House later, you'll see your education, fame and relationships improving. Enjoy the highs and the lows with equal fervour!
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-12-26  +  


23 JUL - 21 AUG With zest and gusto for life, Lions can surely get ahead in all walks of life. From January to June 2011, Jupiter will be in your 9th House – the House of love, luck and laughter. This is a perfect time for travel, research and higher learning. Parents, relations with in-laws, cousins, elders will feature on your list. Home affairs, friends and work will become demanding as Jupiter moves to your 10th House in June. Remain relaxed or all the hard work may take a toll on your health. Saturn in your 3rd House will affect communications, contracts and connectivity. It's time to be cautious for those who deal in games of chance - stock markets and lotteries, warns Ganesha. Mars, which connotes energy and drive will lend you a helping hand towards the end of the year. There may be delays or disappointments, but overall, a thumping good year.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-12-26  +  


21 APR - 21 MAY Graceful and poised, Taurus natives look set to have an enriching year ahead. With mighty Jupiter in their 12th House from 23rd January to June 3rd 2011, Bulls can expect a surge in expenses, travel, pilgrimages, mysteries and spirituality. Need to centre within gets a boost due to the presence of Uranus. However, post June 4, 2011 Jupiter moves to your own sign making you even more radiant, charming and contended. Saturn has been in your 6th House from October 13, 2009, and this shall continue till October 5, 2012. Chances of health problems, heavy expenses and major changes in work arena loom large. Unfailingly guard your health, finances and profession; never lose hope. For, many of the events listed above may not happen at all! Financially, the year will be satisfactory. You are artistic and refined, and Mercury shall make you even more eloquent. All the best, says Ganesha!
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-12-26  +  

Beloved Master, Why do I feel Sadness about Christmas When the whole message is rejoice and be merry?

Christ's message IS rejoice and be merry. But that is not the message of Christianity. Christianity's message is: be sad, long faces, look miserable; the more miserable you look, the more saintly you are. Sometimes I really feel for poor Jesus. He has fallen in such wrong company, and I wonder how he is managing in paradise with all these Christian saints, so sad, so dull.He was not a dull man, he was not a sad man -- he could not be. The word 'christ' is exactly synonymous with buddha. He was an enlightened person. He rejoiced in life, in the small things of life. He rejoiced in eating, drinking, friendship. He loved companionship, he loved the whole life. But Christians down the ages have painted him as very sad. They have painted him always on the cross, as if for thirty-three years he was always on the cross. And my own understanding is that a man like Jesus will not die sad, even on the cross. He must have laughed before he died. That's what al-Hillaj Mansoor did before he was killed by the fanatic Mohammedans, because he had declared: ANA'L HAQ -- I am God. Mohammedans could not tolerate it, just as Jews could not tolerate Jesus. They killed him -- but before they killed him, he looked at the sky and laughed loudly. One hundred thousand people had gathered to see this ugly phenomenon, the murder of one of the greatest human beings who has ever walked on the earth. Somebody asked from the crowd, "al-Hillaj, why are you laughing? You are being killed!" And he was killed in the most cruel way, piece by piece. Jesus' crucifixion is nothing compared to Mansoor's: first his legs were cu off, then his hands were cut off, then his eyes were taken out, then his nose was cut off, then his tongue was cut off, then his head was cut off. They tortured him as much as was possible, but he laughed. Somebody asked, "Why are you laughing?" Mansoor said, "I am laughing because the man you are killing is somebody else, I am not he. I am laughing at God too. What is happening? -- have these people gone mad? They are killing somebody else! Me you cannot kill; it is ridiculous, your whole effort is ridiculous. So let it be remembered, let it be on record that I laughed at your foolishness!" And that's exactly what Jesus must have done, laughed. But Christians have tried their best to depict Jesus as sad. They have made a saint out of a real authentic human being; they have cut everything. The gospels are not true stories; much has been changed, much has been reduced, much has been added. They have become mere fictions.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-11-29  1  

Messages similar to : I luv my mom.

prabhsharan singh a "year n 4 mnths ago" i satrtd flyng wid an angel in my self made heaven. ... prabhsharan singh BEFORE I ALWAYS LAUGHD WEN SMNE USE TO TELL ABA LOVE. ...
62x 2010-11-28  +  

Needs to think over it.

Most of the things we desire are EXPENSIVE. But the truth is: The things That really satisfy us Are FREE: Love, joy, laughter & Good relations.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-11-16  3  


Trust should be like the feeling of a one year old baby when you throw him in the air, he laughs.....because he knows you will catch him........ that's Trust............
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-11-16  1  

An interesting fact about AUGUST 2009:

An interesting fact about AUGUST 2009:this august has5 saturdays,5 sundays and5 mondays..Al in one month.It happens once in 823 years.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-11-16  +  

UK Sikh Sangat Squashes Ragi Function in Southall

prabhsharan singh. On probation. Join Date: November 24th, 2009. Location: jaipur. Posts: 1. Default ... prabhsharan singh mansarover, jaipur, rajasthan. ...
41x 2010-11-08  +  

Decision Making

  Is it a binary process? In computers, only one decision can be made at one time. The statement is either TRUE or FALSE. In binary or base two notation, the value is 1 for TRUE and 0 for FALSE. The human brain makes many decisions at one time, such as: Heartbeat Balance of weight Breathing Body temperature regulation and many similar things that we don't think about. Machines can also do many things at once. So, this is not a good distinction between human thinking and computer thinking. Human thinking is affected by emotions. A PERCEPT when we are happy is quite different than when we are depressed. For a detailed explanation, see the CHEMISTRY part of this brain section.  Machines can't: Laugh Cry Have overwhelming sadness Fall in love Have their feelings get the better of them (impair their judgment) The article "The Brain's Humor Zone" in the April 12, 1999 issue of U.S. News and World Report talks about a 2-inch by 3-inch patch of tissue in the brain's right frontal lobe that handles humor and self-image. The interesting thing is that the self-concept or image is not static, but this part of the brain is constantly wrestling with the environment to arrive at a homeostasis of where one fits in (his place in the universe). Humor seems to be tied to this! This is more of a problem solving part of the brain. A social standing or status involves awareness of that "fit" in the world around a person.   
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-10-18  +  

Thinking of human-VI

Plato's concept of the ideal laid the ground work for philosophy in the areas of ontology , axiology ,epistemology , and logic , which form the theoretical base for ethics, politics, and philosophy. He has been called the father of philosophy. Aristotle was the son of a doctor. He taught Phillip II of Macedon's son, Alexander the Great, before he started his own school in Athens.  He divided knowledge into the theoretical (knowledge for its own sake) and the practical (knowledge for the sake of action). Like most modern 20th century scientists of today, Aristotle believed that the mind (or soul) was the essence of life. He divided knowing into three processes: The senses Imagination Rational thought Later we will develop these ideas as: Perception Concept Logical constructs
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-10-18  +  

Thinking of human-V

Democritus studied civilization. He studied man on the basis of man's needs, much like Maslow, who came up with his hierarchy of needs ranging from physical needs to the highest, self actualization. Like Jesus Christ, Socrates left no writings at all. If it had not been for Plato, Socrates would not be known at all. Plato started an academy in Athens that lasted for 900 years, until the Christian emperor Justinian closed it in 529 A.D.  Plato introduced the idea of constructs and concepts. Before this, knowledge was formulated on the idea of percepts that is what can be seen, heard, felt, or sensed in another way. Plato taught that sensation could be deceitful. He said that human reasoning consisted of building patterns of knowledge based on the similarities of experiences. These bits and pieces build a "permanent" concept of the "reality" which we then "perceive." Our knowledge is always becoming perfected. Plato believed that perfection could be envisioned in the mind. Thus, his thinking leads to a distinction of human thinking from that of other life forms: the ability to set goals and make the changes necessary to accomplish those goals. It is only natural that he wrote THE REPUBLIC, a treatise on the ideal in political theory and sociology.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-10-18  +  

Thinking of human-IV

Socrates was an Athenian teacher and philosopher. After reading a treatise titled "What is the Mind," he decided that the content was ridiculous. He developed his own ideas and a method of inductive .Reasoning called the Socratic method, which is used in modern hypothesis testing where one questions a truth. He would argue with questions and answers with the goal of showing weakness in an argument. This process is called dialectic.  He never wrote, but a student of his, Plato (see below) wrote and taught Socrates' beliefs. Most of what we know about Socrates comes from Plato's writings.  Socrates was accused not believing the gods of the state (religious charges) and misleading the thinking of the youth. He was convicted and was sentenced to death by drinking a deadly poison, hemlock. Plato thought he might have gotten an acquittal had he not inflamed certain members of the jury in his argumentation.  He believed that knowledge was virtue. Plato's writings of his dissertations indicate that he believe the highest calling in life was to be a "professional thinker."
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-10-18  +  

Good Manners

The best way to educate children is being a good role model. Because children learn from observation. . Learning manners is like learning a new language or a musical instrument. It is very easy to learn something in childhood. So start planting the seeds as young as possible. The foundation of good manners can be strong in young age. Give examples of good behavior and poor behavior to your child. Take help of books and discuss about good manners. When we talk about good manners, we think mostly about table manners. We are in need to teach them in other areas also. First we talk about basic manners. In my suggestion these are: Be  nice to people. When you ask for something not forget to say “Please”  Say “Thank You” when you are given something. Say “You’re Welcome” when someone thanks you.  Greet people when you see them.  Look people in the eyes when you talk to people look in their eyes. Do not interrupt when other people are talking. Share with others. Help people. Let guests go first. Be on time, especially if you are meeting someone. In good manners, cleanliness is also important. Put the habit of hygiene from very early stage. Here are tips for inculcating the value of cleanliness in children. Start with the room Put a habit to  keep the things in the right place. Set down certain parameters. For example, a child should never be allowed to use dirty hankies or towels. Never allow the child to bring the shoes on the bed, however tired he or she may be. The next step is the bathroom. We should teach our children to brush their teeth, clean their bottoms and have a nice bath. They must also learn to keep their surroundings clean. For example, you could put up a funny little poster that reminds your son to pull the flush. Or put up a little bell that rings every time he forgets to shut the door. Teach you children to conserve water by shutting the all taps in the house as well. Be it in the bathroom or kitchen, or anywhere under the sun. What about other places? . In order to maintain cleanliness, never allow your children to eat in any place of the house. Teach your children to lay the table neatly. Make sure that both your son and daughter pick up their own used plates and carry them to the kitchen sink. They should also offer to carry those of the aged members of the family. Washing their hands and gargling after meals is also a very good habit, as it will help them fight bad odour throughout life. Cleanliness at public places Encourage your children to apply the same cleanliness standards in the public and private too. You have to ensure that your children do not litter a park when on a picnic or that they do not throw garbage from a running bus/train. The road is not for spitting or throwing other waste materials. Children have to be strictly warned against spitting, as it is an international menace. Table manners It is the turn of table manners. Table manners include party manners also. Here are some suggestions . Do not chew noisily or with your mouth open. The idea is to eat with your fingers, not with your hand and definitely not with both hands. Put the napkin on your lap so that food does not get onto your clothes. Do not read or watch television while eating. Because mealtimes are a good chance for the family to sit together. Excuse yourself before leaving the table. Do not announce loudly that you have to go to the bathroom. Wait till everyone has finished eating before getting up from the table. Burping is not considered polite. Do not talk with your mouth full. Do not gobble your food. Take small bites and chew properly. Do not play with your food and finish everything that is on your plate. Use the words "please" and "thank you" when passing dishes to each other. Do not turn dinner into an unpleasant "lecture time." That will turn kids off not only to manners, but to dinner, and to you, too. Check your own example. Don't show up for dinner in just your underwear unless you want your kids to do the same. Don't get into the habit of telling your child that he is a "pig" or a "slob" every time he doesn't do things the 'propah' way. If you're going to label him like that, he's not going to see any point in trying to improve because he will think it 's in his nature to be a "pig." Do not encourage burping competitions that your child may start with his friends at the table. Make it clear that you find it rude and offensive and definitely not funny. Approach manners as a game. One night a week, try to have a somewhat more formal dinner. Try dressing up, serve a special meal, and expect more formal manners. That will help improve your kids' social graces. The Golden Rule. The golden rule for good manners is to feel the importance of treating others. So  Stress the importance of treating others in the same way they would like to be treated.
Prabhsharan Singh @ Jalandhar
yasni 2010-10-11  +  

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