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Peter Mwaura, 54, Marketing @ Vemma, Nairobi

Birth name: Peter Mwaura, Nickname: Mutiti, Country: Kenya, Phone: +254-723-024-871, Messenger: (skype)pytcom, E-mail: petermwaura (at) active.ws, Language: English
Peter Mwaura @ Vemma , Nairobi

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Peter Mwaura @ Nairobi
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Peter Mwaura - Par Peter Mwaura
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Peter Mwaura - Ukabiala et Peter Mwaura
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Peter Mwaura - Jeniffer Wanza
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Peter Mwaura @ Nairobi
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Peter Mwaura @ Nairobi
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Microcirculation: Is a new medical field of study which has been pioneered by Tasly at Beijing University: China. Microcirculation deals with the flow of blood from arterioles to cappillaries or sinusoids to venules. 90 % of diseases in the human body and all sub-health conditions eg high blood pressure, early menapause are related to poor blood flow due to microcirculation damage and aging. Blood flows freely between an arteriole and a venule through a vessel channel called a thoroughfare channel. Capillaries extend from this channel and structures called precapillary sphincters control the flow of blood between the arteriole and capillaries
Peter Mwaura @ Nairobi
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Live Discussion On Tasly: Ranked Among The Top Five Giant Pharmaceuticals In China: ... The newest registered user is JULIANA C. TELE. Username : Password : ...
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Dr. Denham Harmon, M.D., Ph.D., first proposed a theory of aging as the indiscriminate chemical re-activity of free radicals possibly leading to random biological damage. His idea has had much experimental success, and it is now considered a major theory of aging. Dr. Harmon's theory implies that antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E, which prevent free radicals from oxidizing (removing electrons from) sensitive biological molecules, will slow the aging process.
Peter Mwaura @ Nairobi
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Interested in networking with other members of this community. Helping people expand their horizon.Self-change technology. I read business books,magazines and newspapers.Blogger,article writer, internet business,entrepreneur.Personal development, mlm marketing, internet marketing & business consultancy.Motivational trainings, health and nutrition consultancy: currently a health consultant at Tasly Africa.My favorite quote: I have never met a lucky lazy person-Allen E. Paulson: If you don't plow, you don't get paid-William E. Bailey.
Peter Mwaura @ Nairobi
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