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Country: Australia, E-mail: myildizmel (at), Language: English
I offer: Dr Mehmet Yildiz is a Distinguished Enterprise Architect L3 certified from the Open Group. Working in the IT industry over the last 35 years, he recently focuses on cutting edge technology solutions, such as IoT, Blockchain, Cognitive, Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing. He is a hands-on practitioner for solution architectures leading complex corporate projects and an Agile champion. As an innovation evangelist in all walks of life, he is also a recognized inventor. Mehmet teaches the best architectural practices at work, mentors his colleagues, supervises doctoral students, and provides industry-level lectures to postgraduate students at several universities in Australia. Connect with the author at
Mehmet Yildiz @ IBM, Melbourne - Australia

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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
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Recent research findings about happiness may require challenges - Ecademy

Importance of cognitive problem-solving ability for happiness and further research
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
254x 2010-04-10  +  

Selected views on use of seven popular online information and networking tools for business - Ecademy

findings for a preliminary study as a partial requirement of a paper to be published. It is related to the use of some popular online tools for business and professional purposes. Google, linkedin, ecademy, youtube, facebook, twitter, yasni
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
231x 2010-04-10  +  

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz - Ecademy Blog : Titles

Take part in business discussion forums, find networking tips ... Dr. Mehmet Yildiz. Online | Likes (1916) Latest Blogs : Titles : by Latest Post/Comment/Like ...
220x 2010-04-07  +  

MYIL1 - uberVU User Profile

HOME. FEATURES. PRICING & PLANS. Help. Sign in. Dr. Mehmet Yildiz. An Enterprise Architect working for IBM . Eclectic topics, blog in Ecademy and Yasni. ...
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Invalid URL: Dr. Mehmet Yildiz Stats & Rankings (MYIL1) |

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz is ranked 4th in their location on twitterholic! ... Dr. Mehmet Yildiz is tagged with blogs, books, ecademy, facebook, FF, fun, ...
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A manned mission to Mars — the challenges

A few days ago, Mehmet Yildiz, who’s an Executive IT Architect for IBM and a fellow member of Ecademy, a Social Network for businesses, asked a number of questions around the ...
31x 2010-04-02  +  

Invalid URL: Mystery [Dr. Mehmet Yildiz] - international money blogs

Mystery [Dr. Mehmet Yildiz] - international banking and finance news analysis. ... Mystery [Dr. Mehmet Yildiz] From Qrops Pensions - Ecademy, 7 month ago, Read ...
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Invalid URL: Dr. Mehmet Yildiz | My Twitter cloud

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz on Twitter.An Enterprise Architect working for IBM . Eclectic topics, blog in Ecademy and Yasni.
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Invalid URL: Mehmet Yildiz - FriendFeed

Subscribe to Mehmet Yildiz, About 15 posts per day .... [Dr. Mehmet Yildiz]: My online... ...
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Invalid URL: Mehmet Yildiz

Reading interesting comments on "Some reflections on #ecademy content diversity" ... of nature, a discussion article by Dr. Mehmet Yildiz ...
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Why google highlight Akira Kurosawa's birthday today? - Ecademy

Impact of influence and nature of influence in our lives at high level
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
33x 2010-03-23  +  

Who enjoys wasting time? - Ecademy

Efficient use of time
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
37x 2010-03-17  +  

Reciprocity or elitism? [Title Update] - Ecademy

Perspectives from an analog coach for Twitter elitism
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
42x 2010-03-01  +  

OMD2 Interview with Dr Mehmet Yildiz - Ecademy

This blog is by Steven Healey (sql server architect) on Ecademy.
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
48x 2010-02-28  +  

I had a dream - Ecademy

Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
54x 2010-02-22  +  

I am sorry about my eventful Friday lunch and Helen today - Ecademy

personal lunch time stories
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
53x 2010-02-22  +  

Did you know we forget things on purpose? - Ecademy

Learning activates the biochemical formation of memory. However we need to remove memories for new information to come in. They found that forgetting is an active process to remove memory. This study opens new doors for further
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
49x 2010-02-22  +  

Novelty too could be a habit - Ecademy

Novelty matters a lot to me both in my personal, professional and social life. I consciously make habits but also cannot live without novelties. Great to know my situation is confirmed by Bruyere who formulated it as "Two quite opposite qualities equal
Mehmet Yildiz @ Melbourne - Australia
45x 2010-02-22  +  

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