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Country: Viet Nam, Language: English
I offer: Expertise as multiple company director and investor, experience in developing and managing business on behalf of multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises in mature and new markets, including North Korea and Vietnam. Abt has lived and worked in nine countries on three continents. - Further, experience in capacity development (e.g. as co-initiator and director of the first business school in, of all places, North Korea) and in lobbying (e.g. as initiator and president of the European Business Association, the first foreign chamber of commerce in North Korea). - Photos, mainly related to business activities, including an introduction to the North Korean olympic gold medalist on the profile photo, can be found here: - Author of the book "A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom"
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Felix Abt - A Capitalist in North Korea” by Felix Abt | Leonid Petrov\u0026#39;s KOREA ...
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A totally different perspective: Paperback "A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom" - on sale in 2014

The Paperback "A Capitalist in North Korea" - is on sale in 2014 and gives a fresh perspective of a country that has been depicted for the last sixty years by book authors and media as stuck in the past, unpredictable, threatening, horrific and crazy. - THIS BOOK is witness to a different, changing North Korea: "A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom is the tell-all memoir of Felix Abt, a Swiss entrepreneur who worked in the world's most isolated, often called "Stalinist" fortress, for the last decade. Abt offers in-depth portraits of the thrills, adventures, hurdles and even accusations of spying while working behind the world's very last Iron Curtain. He finds a side of North Korea that is far from sinister—one that has been lost in the flood of accounts from defectors, journalists, activists, and politicians who have pummeled the nation into isolation. - The author was privileged to have been granted wide access to the hermit kingdom where he visited seven out of nine provinces and more than two dozen cities, interviewing hundreds of high-ranking communist officials and ordinary North Koreans. He became a figurehead in bringing capitalism to North Korea through all sorts of whimsical and unexpected projects: the Pyongyang Business School, the European Business Association in Pyongyang, and ventures in pharmaceuticals, precious metal extraction, and bottled water. - Did you know, for instance, that plastic surgery and South Korean drama shows are all the rage among the women of Pyongyang? That the capital offers a line-up of decent hamburger joints? That young North Koreans are eagerly signing up for business courses in preparation for market reforms? And that United Nations sanctions are the biggest obstacle to doing legitimate business in the DPRK? With more than 200 photographs taken by the author, A Capitalist in North Korea offers an account of the unknown aspects of North Korea, looking beyond tales of famine and suffering." - The e-book has been sold by Amazon since the end of 2012. - The PAPERBACK will be out before summer 2014. The new book cover was designed by the publishers. ORDER IT AT AMAZON OR HERE: elix/a-capitalist-in-north-korea-hardcover-wi th-jacket - Read the author's updated stories and comments on his Facebook page. And thanks for liking the page and for your feedback :-) here: -
Felix Abt
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How a Promising Project Brought Good Business Practices to North Korea - by Felix Abt

Swiss businessman Felix Abt discusses how a promising reform project (Pyongyang Business School) brought good business practices to the world's most isolated country.
Felix Abt
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Swiss businessman Felix Abt « SINO-NK

Posts about Swiss businessman Felix Abt written by Adam Cathcart.
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Interview with an unlikely capitalist in North Korea – Quartz

“LinkedIn blocked me when I listed my North Korean address—and I was not the only one,” Felix Abt, a Swiss entrepreneur who spent seven ...
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Sixty Years of Failed Sanctions | FPIF - Foreign Policy In ...

Felix Abt, a Swiss businessman running a pharmaceutical company in North Korea during the mid-2000s, was unable to receive certain chemicals for his business and
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Switzerland's Decision to Halt Development Cooperation With N.Korea Questioned by Its Largest Print and Online Newspaper

Switzerland's decision to halt development cooperation with North Korea and to switch to purely humanitarian aid supplies is being disputed. Switzerland's largest print and online newspaper wrote an article about it, quoting Swiss lawmakers and Felix Abt.
Felix Abt
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Invalid URL: North Korea: The Country That Never Pays You Back

25.06.2012 - Financial Gamble. A few years back Felix Abt a Swiss entrepreneur doing business in North Korea discovered one of the unintended
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Invalid URL: 财经 (Caijing), China's leading business newspaper, analyzes North Korea, the state of and the need for reforms

Caijing, which The Wall Street Journal called "The Leading Finance Publication in China" published on June 6, 2011, the article 朝鲜“体制外改革” ("North Korea 'without system reform'"). In its lengthy article China's influential business newspaper states "an urgent need for internal reform of North Korea to follow the trend of market forces". It also repeatedly quotes Felix Abt, both as a Swiss and as a Swedish businessman... - Caijing has just corrected the article by stripping Felix Abt of his Swedish citizenship while leaving his Swiss nationality untouched. Well done, Caijing!
Felix Abt
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Sixty Years of Failed North Korea Sanctions by Christine Ahn ...

2010-08-20 [] - by Christine Ahn  Felix Abt, a Swiss businessman running a pharmaceutical company in North Korea during the mid-2000s, was unable to receive certain chemicals for his business and told Time magazine, "someday you may find out that some product or even a ...
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Analysis: Kim Jong Il, the reformer? North Korea is where Vietnam and China were before they started major market overhauls — Global Post, June 24, 2010

ANALYSIS: KIM JONG IL, THE REFORMER? — NORTH KOREA IS WHERE VIETNAM AND CHINA WERE BEFORE THEY STARTED MAJOR MARKET OVERHAULS. — By Bradley K. Martin — Special to GlobalPost, published: June 24, 2010 06:47 ET in Worldview — Now that food shortages reportedly have forced North Korea to reverse its crackdown on capitalist-style markets, more systematic reforms for its collapsed economy may not be far behind. The markets policy reversal came May 26 in directives issued by the cabinet and the ruling Workers’ Party to subordinate organizations, according to a report by the Seoul-based newsletter North Korea Today, which gets its information from officials and ordinary citizens inside the North. “The government cannot take any immediate measures” to relieve a food shortage that is “worse than expected,” the newsletter quoted one of the directives as saying in explanation for the policy change. The same authorities only late last year decreed a sudden currency revaluation that crippled the “anti-socialist” markets, where stallholders had been trading for individual profit, by confiscating the traders’ wealth. The new decrees bless and deregulate what’s left of the markets, which have shrunk and in some cases closed completely in the interim, in the hope that market trading will keep people from starving. And the directives instruct managers of state-run enterprises to pursue lucrative deals — especially in foreign trade — that could help feed their employees. This could all turn out to be the big event that finally pushes the very reluctant leadership into a multi-year campaign of serious reforms of the sort that began decades ago in Vietnam and China, according to Felix Abt, a Swiss involved in North Korean joint ventures in pharmaceutical manufacturing and computer software. “Given an industrial stock and an infrastructure beyond repair, and the impossible task of maintaining a huge army, economic reforms appear unavoidable in the very near future,” Abt, a former president of Pyongyang’s European Business Association, wrote in an email exchange. “It looks intriguing and it reminds me of Vietnam’s history of reforms,” said Abt, who did business for years in Vietnam before going to Pyongyang and recently has moved back to Vietnam while maintaining his involvement in North Korea. “The Vietnamese economic situation looked dire at the beginning of the 1980s,” he explained. “Nguyen Van Linh, party secretary in Ho Chi Minh City, favored moderate economic reforms. He tried too early, lost his job and left the political bureau in 1982. Le Duan, secretary general of the Communist Party, was categorically against any economic reforms. He died in 1986, the year of the five-year party congress which brought Nguyen Van Linh back and elected him as his successor. The new party secretary general immediately launched the Doi Moi policy — ‘reforms.’ ” Abt ventured the lesson that triggering reforms “takes something big like the death of a leading politician” in Vietnam — or, in North Korea, a “ruinous” currency revaluation. Not every foreigner who has had firsthand economic dealings with North Korea is convinced the recent events constitute that trigger. Some worry that U.S.-led sanctions could nip any flowering of capitalism in the bud. “The problem is still U.S. Treasury’s attitude,” said one such foreigner, who asked not to be identified further. Treasury Department officials began working several years ago to take North Korea “out of the international banking system,” discouraging trade, he noted. Some U.S.-sponsored sanctions subsequently were eased in an effort to persuade Kim Jong Il to negotiate away his nuclear weapons capability, but after those talks went nowhere — and especially after North Korea allegedly torpedoed a South Korean warship earlier this year — enthusiasm for compromise cooled. Recent reports say Washington is moving toward aggressively strangling cash flow into the country. There is also the argument that Kim believes he cannot afford to reform the economy because it would let in information and influences that would undermine his family’s rule by letting his isolated subjects learn that the rival South Korean system works much better. According to Abt, one answer to both concerns could be China, which “will provide all the support necessary to the DPRK party and government to enable economic reforms without regime change.” He used the abbreviation of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the country’s official name. “The DPRK may expect support from other quarters, for example, the European Union, too,” he said. “I think the dilemma of the leadership — economic upsurge versus the inflow of ‘subversive’ system-destabilizing information and ideas, particularly regarding the South — can be overcome with the necessary Chinese support,” Abt said. “Though the division of Korea can only be compared with that of Germany before 1990, China's division — capitalist Hong Kong, capitalist Taiwan — was a sort of challenge to Deng Xiaoping and successors, too, but they learnt to manage that quite well.” — Bradley K. Martin is the author of "Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty“ and a journalist covering Korea and other parts of Asia for three decades, among other things, for the Asia Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Bloomberg.
Felix Abt
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SmartBrief on Leadership. Innovative Ideas. Ahead of the Curve

Global Perspective / How to get ahead in the Hermit Kingdom / Swiss businessman Felix Abt has a remarkable CV: he's the founder of the Pyongyang Business School and chief of North Korea's de facto chamber of commerce. He says the world's businesses should be doing more to find ways around sanctions and engage with North Korea. "Foreigners engaging with North Koreans are change agents," he adds. - More on SmartBrief, May 20, 2010
Felix Abt
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Invalid URL: Can North Korea Be Safe for Business? - Time magazine, May 20, 2010

Few investors can boast the one-of-a-kind global pedigree of Felix Abt. Since 2002, the Swiss businessman has found his calling as a point man for Western investments in — of all places — North Korea, where he ... Time magazine, May 20, 2010
Felix Abt
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North Korean art makes a show in Vietnam - Timeout, Hanoi, June 2009

The largest collection of paintings from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) ever shown in Southeast Asia was put on display at the Nha Trang Sea festival last week. The paintings were produced by more than two dozen artists with recognized artists – so-called Merited artists – and emerging talents all contributing. The exhibition included a series of beautiful paintings in a variety of styles and materials – prints, watercolour, oil, pencil drawings and “jewel-powdered paintings”, a Korean specialty art. The painting collection belongs to Swiss businessman Felix Abt and his Hanoi-born wife Doan Lan Huong, who lived and worked in Pyongyang for seven years, where they got to know and love North Korean arts. “Much to our surprise we noticed that (artistic) talents are identified very early in a person’s life and systematically fostered thereafter. As a consequence a high number end up as painters with extraordinary skills. Unfortunately this is largely ignored by the outside world,” says Felix Abt. - Timeout (Supplement to the Vietnam Investment Review, Vietnam's leading english language business newspaper, published by the Ministry of Planning and Investment), Hanoi
Felix Abt
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Invalid URL: Pyongyang Business School, Pyongyang

Who we are: The Pyongyang Business School was launched in the middle of 2004 with an inaugural lecture by the Director General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the main sponsor. Felix Abt, a representative of renowned foreign companies and investors, and based in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) since 2002 was during the first 2 years a co-sponsor by working free of charge and shouldering a part of the cost himself. It later took the form of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between sponsor SDC and Felix Abt, responsible for the concept, promotion and implementation of the Business School. The Korean partners were first the former Flood Damage Rehabilitation Committee (under the auspices of the Cabinet) and now the Korean European Cooperation Coordination Agency (KECCA) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Pyongyang Business School is welcoming new institutional, corporate and individual sponsors, whose financial contributions keep the school going.
Felix Abt
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Luxury Swiss watch store opens in Pyongyang. Yonhap News Agency of Korea, October 28, 2005 believed to have links with the Pyongsu (Pyongyang-Swiss) Joint Venture Co., a joint venture launched in ... Swiss watches are known to be greatly popular in North Korea, with 240 million South Korean won (US$230,000) worth of Swiss watches imported by the communist state in the first nine months of this year.
Felix Abt
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Swiss Bizman Names Five Promising Business Areas for North Korea / Yonhap News Agency of Korea, Seoul

The former head of Switzerland-based engineering company ABB's Pyongyang unit recommended five promising business areas for North Korea, according to South Korea's top trade agency Wednesday.The five sectors suggested for the world's last Stalinist state by Swiss businessman Felix Abt, currently CEO of ....
Felix Abt
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Pyongyang Business School

Pyongyang Business School, co-founder and director Felix Abt, main sponsor Switzerland - Swiss Governmental Development and Co-operation Agency (SDC) - Visit also
Felix Abt
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Despite Reforms, N.K. Replete with Animosity against Capitalism - Yonhap News Agency of Korea

The state-run Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency said Felix Abt, the former head of the Swiss electric technology group Asea Brown Boveri's Pyongyang office, made the assessment in a study released at a workshop in Germany in January. Abt is a well-known North Korean affairs specialist who helped arrange a visit to Pyongyang last year by Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey. In 2001, ABB opened its Pyongyang office as part of an agreement to help improve North Korea's electricity transmission networks. - Yonhap News Agency of Korea, April 17, 2004
Felix Abt
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Western Firms Doing Business in N. Korea -

But the Westerners talk positively about the North as a business environment, with skilled workers and leaders who they say welcome foreign investment. "They are very skillful and hardworking," said Felix Abt, a Swiss businessman who oversees two ventures in Pyongyang, one that makes business and game software for sale in Europe and another that makes antibiotics and painkillers for the domestic market. "It's sometimes faster to get licenses and necessary approvals here than it is in China or Vietnam." - The Washington Post, November 5, 2006
Felix Abt
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North Korea's Kim Allows Tentative Stirrings of Profit Motive / Bloomberg / December 28, 2005

Felix Abt, Swiss native heads a new European Business Association in Pyongyang. ``I am very busy with visiting foreign business delegations,'' Abt, 50, says. ``Take it as a sign that the economy is developing and that more foreign business activities are under way.''
Felix Abt
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