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Country: Viet Nam, Language: English
I offer: Expertise as multiple company director and investor, experience in developing and managing business on behalf of multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises in mature and new markets, including North Korea and Vietnam. Abt has lived and worked in nine countries on three continents. - Further, experience in capacity development (e.g. as co-initiator and director of the first business school in, of all places, North Korea) and in lobbying (e.g. as initiator and president of the European Business Association, the first foreign chamber of commerce in North Korea). - Photos, mainly related to business activities, including an introduction to the North Korean olympic gold medalist on the profile photo, can be found here: www.flickr.com/photos/felix_abt/ - Author of the book "A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom"
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Felix Abt - A Capitalist in North Korea” by Felix Abt | Leonid Petrov\u0026#39;s KOREA ...
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A totally different perspective: Paperback "A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom" - on sale in 2014

The Paperback "A Capitalist in North Korea" - is on sale in 2014 and gives a fresh perspective of a country that has been depicted for the last sixty years by book authors and media as stuck in the past, unpredictable, threatening, horrific and crazy. - THIS BOOK is witness to a different, changing North Korea: "A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom is the tell-all memoir of Felix Abt, a Swiss entrepreneur who worked in the world's most isolated, often called "Stalinist" fortress, for the last decade. Abt offers in-depth portraits of the thrills, adventures, hurdles and even accusations of spying while working behind the world's very last Iron Curtain. He finds a side of North Korea that is far from sinister—one that has been lost in the flood of accounts from defectors, journalists, activists, and politicians who have pummeled the nation into isolation. - The author was privileged to have been granted wide access to the hermit kingdom where he visited seven out of nine provinces and more than two dozen cities, interviewing hundreds of high-ranking communist officials and ordinary North Koreans. He became a figurehead in bringing capitalism to North Korea through all sorts of whimsical and unexpected projects: the Pyongyang Business School, the European Business Association in Pyongyang, and ventures in pharmaceuticals, precious metal extraction, and bottled water. - Did you know, for instance, that plastic surgery and South Korean drama shows are all the rage among the women of Pyongyang? That the capital offers a line-up of decent hamburger joints? That young North Koreans are eagerly signing up for business courses in preparation for market reforms? And that United Nations sanctions are the biggest obstacle to doing legitimate business in the DPRK? With more than 200 photographs taken by the author, A Capitalist in North Korea offers an account of the unknown aspects of North Korea, looking beyond tales of famine and suffering." - The e-book has been sold by Amazon since the end of 2012. - The PAPERBACK will be out before summer 2014. The new book cover was designed by the publishers. ORDER IT AT AMAZON OR HERE: http://www.tuttlepublishing.com/authors/abt-f elix/a-capitalist-in-north-korea-hardcover-wi th-jacket - Read the author's updated stories and comments on his Facebook page. And thanks for liking the page and for your feedback :-) here: www.facebook.com/ACapitalistInNorthKorea -
Felix Abt
flickr.com 2014-01-07  +  

Berliner Tagesspiegel zitiert Felix Abt

"Felix Abt, Nordkorea-Experte und Gründer der Europäischen Handelskammer in Pjöngjang, schreibt auf seiner Facebookseite: „Nordkoreas Exekution einiger hochrangiger Beamter, die in Wirtschaftsfragen sehr versiert waren, ist ein deutlicher Schlag für chinesische und andere ausländische Investoren.“ Er glaubt allerdings, dass wirtschaftliche Reformen trotzdem noch möglich seien", schreibt der Berliner Tagesspiegel.
Felix Abt
tagesspiegel.de 2013-12-17  +  

(Yonhap Interview) N. Korea's Kim Jong-un may bring more reforms ...

... since Kim assumed power in late 2011 and shifted his focus to the light industry, said Felix Abt in an interview with Yonhap News Agency.
english.yonhapnews.co.kr 2013-11-24  +  

How a Promising Project Brought Good Business Practices to North Korea - by Felix Abt

Swiss businessman Felix Abt discusses how a promising reform project (Pyongyang Business School) brought good business practices to the world's most isolated country.
Felix Abt
38north.org 2013-12-17  +  

"Felix Abt's lustige Gespräche mit feilschenden Marktfrauen." Wo? In Nordkorea

"Wie Nordkorea tatsächlich ist, versucht Felix Abt seinen Lesern näherzubringen: Cover seines Nordkorea-Buches" schreibt der auflagenstarke Schweizer Tages-Anzeiger
Felix Abt
tagesanzeiger.ch 2013-12-17  +  

20 Minuten - «Selbst Sprüngli-Pralinés gibt es in Nordkorea» - News

Felix Abt kennt Nordkorea wie kaum ein anderer Schweizer – er lebte sieben Jahre in Pjöngjang. Ein Gespräch über Stromausfälle, erfundene ...
20min.ch 2013-11-24  +  

Interview with an unlikely capitalist in North Korea – Quartz

“LinkedIn blocked me when I listed my North Korean address—and I was not the only one,” Felix Abt, a Swiss entrepreneur who spent seven ...
qz.com 2013-11-24  +  

A Capitalist in North Korea: Felix Abt: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Felix Abt: Amazon.com: Kindle Store.
amazon.com 2012-12-30  1  

North Korea: Let's go beyond refugee tales | GlobalPost

Felix Abt lived in North Korea for several years and recalls what life was truly like behind the deluge of sensationalized accounts.
globalpost.com 2012-12-30  +  

Books « Leonid Petrov's KOREA VISION

Felix Abt prefers to remain apolitical and impartial when sharing his thoughts and memories of the seven-year sojourn. His writing ...
leonidpetrov.wordpress.com 2013-03-03  +  

Felix Abt | 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea

North Korea Out of the Dark: The Story of the Pyongyang Business School. How a promising reform project brought good business practices to ...
38north.org 2012-12-30  +  

Sixty Years of Failed Sanctions | FPIF - Foreign Policy In ...

Felix Abt, a Swiss businessman running a pharmaceutical company in North Korea during the mid-2000s, was unable to receive certain chemicals for his business and
fpif.org 2012-12-23  +  

North Korean Economy Watch » Nosotek

... firms are making inroads into various sectors, especially infrastructure and mining. Earlier this week, I interviewed Felix Abt,
nkeconwatch.com 2012-12-23  +  

North Korea – doing business in a demanding environment

Felix Abt has been working in. Pyongyang for seven years, ...
nkeconwatch.com 2012-12-23  +  

Switzerland's Decision to Halt Development Cooperation With N.Korea Questioned by Its Largest Print and Online Newspaper

Switzerland's decision to halt development cooperation with North Korea and to switch to purely humanitarian aid supplies is being disputed. Switzerland's largest print and online newspaper wrote an article about it, quoting Swiss lawmakers and Felix Abt.
Felix Abt
20min.ch 2012-01-11  +  

China's Caijing Newspaper on North Korea's Future after the Death of Leader Kim Jong Il

Caijing published a longer article repeatedly quoting Felix Abt. Excerpts in Chinese: 被正式拔擢后,金正恩与父亲金正日频频视察军队和工厂,参加了2010年10月10日劳动党65 周年庆祝大会等多项大型活动。但直到金正日逝世,外界对金正恩的了解依然很有限,年轻和缺乏从政 经验是对其最主流的印象。但长期投资朝鲜的瑞士商人阿伯特(Felix Abt)告诉《财经》记者,金正恩青少年时代在瑞士就读的学校认为他是一位聪明且具有潜在领袖特 质的年轻人。(…)   曾经长期生活在朝鲜的阿伯特也表示,朝鲜应该能平稳完成过渡,这 不只是因为金正恩拥有军方的支持,更是因为整个政治体制安排已经为他接班做好了铺垫,金正恩的家 族成员和劳动党高官也将协助其巩固领导地位。(…)   不过,2012年将是金正恩执政 的第一年,也是金日成诞辰100周年。多位朝鲜问题专家和与朝鲜有经贸往来的商人都认为,朝鲜2 012年应该会做出一些更积极的举动来繁荣经济。阿伯特认为,经济将是接下来政府的工作重点。( …)   
Felix Abt
news.hexun.com 2012-01-11  +  

Interview about Living and Working in North Korea on Switzerland's largest online newspaper

Although Felix Abt's interview was "fair and balanced" as Jim W., who had lived and worked himself for years in North Korea, commented on his Facbook page, it drew numerous furious comments by readers who immediately see red when hearing "North Korea".
Felix Abt
tinyurl.com 2012-01-12  +  

South Korea's "Digital Times" Online Newspaper - Interview with Felix Abt

"북한 정부 경제 개발 제1 과제로 추진할 것" 김정일 사후 북한의 새로운 정권이 경제 개발을 최우선 과제로 추진할 것이라는 전망이 나왔다. 평양주재 `유럽기업협회(EBA)' 초대회장을 지낸 스위스인 사업가 펠릭스 앱트는 20일 본지와의 이메일 인터뷰를 통해 "새로운 리더십 아래 북한에서의 비즈니스 연속성이 보장될 것으로 알고 있다"며 "이는 북한의 새로운 정부가 경제 개발을 제1의 과제로 추진하려고 하기 때문"이라고 말했다. (...) 펠릭스 앱트 대표는 북한내 기업 사정에 정통한 인물들 중 한 명으로, 현재 진행하고 있는 사업과 관련해 북한 관료들과 지속적으로 접촉을 하고 있는 것으로 알려지고 있다. 펠릭스 앱트 대표의 이번 발언은 북한 정부 관계자들로부터 북한내 해외 기업활동에 대해 답변을 받은 것으로 해석되고 있다. (...) 펠릭스 앱트 대표는 평양페인터즈 운영에 집중하고 있는데 이를 더욱 확대할 계획이다. 평양페인터즈는 북한 유명 화가들의 회화, 동양화 등을 해외에 판매하는 회사로 웹사이트를 운영하고 있다. 그는 "공개할 수는 없지만 평양페인터즈에서 꾸준히 매출이 나오고 있으며 한국 고객들에게도 그림이 팔리고 있다"며 "주로 개인 고객들을 대상으로 판매하는데 내년에 대형 미술상을 모아 비즈니스 하는 방안을 계획하고 있다"고 말했다.
Felix Abt
dt.co.kr 2012-01-11  +  

North Korea: The Country That Never Pays You Back

25.06.2012 - Financial Gamble. A few years back Felix Abt a Swiss entrepreneur doing business in North Korea discovered one of the unintended
minyanville.com 2012-12-23  +  

财经 (Caijing), China's leading business newspaper, analyzes North Korea, the state of and the need for reforms

Caijing, which The Wall Street Journal called "The Leading Finance Publication in China" published on June 6, 2011, the article 朝鲜“体制外改革” ("North Korea 'without system reform'"). In its lengthy article China's influential business newspaper states "an urgent need for internal reform of North Korea to follow the trend of market forces". It also repeatedly quotes Felix Abt, both as a Swiss and as a Swedish businessman... - Caijing has just corrected the article by stripping Felix Abt of his Swedish citizenship while leaving his Swiss nationality untouched. Well done, Caijing!
Felix Abt
magazine.caijing.com.cn 2011-06-09  +  

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