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Farshid Pirahansiah, 38, Master of Computer Science @ tiziran, Kajang

Nickname: pirahansiah, Country: Malaysia, Language: English

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1. PirahanSiah, F., S. N. H. S. Abdullah, et al. (2010). Adaptive image segmentation based on Peak Signal to Noise Ratio for a license plate recognition system. International Conference on Computer Applications and Industrial Electronics (ICCAIE 2010). I. 2010. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2. Persian Script Processing with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Engineering Conference – Lahijan, 2007 December 05, .zip 3. Abdullah, S. N. H. S., F. PirahanSiah, et al. (2010). An evaluation of classification techniques using enhanced Geometrical Topological Feature Analysis. 2nd MALAYSIAN JOINT CONFERENCE ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (MJCAI 2010) ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: FROM INFORMATION TO INTELLIGENCE Malaysia. 4. Abdullah, S. N. H. S., F. PirahanSiah, et al. (2010). "A novel adaptive thresholds for license plate recognition system." (on the prepare) 5. Abdullah, S. N. H. S., F. PirahanSiah, et al. (2010). "Multi-threshold approach for license plate recognition system." International Conference on Signal and Image Processing WASET Singapore August 25-27, 2010 ICSIP 2010.
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Farshid Pirahansiah @ tiziran, Kajang

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