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Fabrice Duche, CEO @, Lhasa, Tibet

Country: China, People's Republic of, Phone: +86 891 6381533, Language: English
I offer: Business, Asia, China, Thailand, Tibet, Investment, Formalities, Internship, Travel, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Family, Creative, Networking *** Hi there smile My name is Fabrice Duche, from French origin, and I am living in Tibet, Lhasa city to be exact. Why did I choose to set up out there? As a friend of mine did put it nicely, because it is the top of the world and I am always looking to go further up. What do I do here would bring us to a much deeper conversation. Tibet is one of the most exiting destinations, combining all advantages of modernity in a natural almost untouched environment, with outstanding ROI. My entrepreneur life includes running: - An investment promotion agency ( - An international internship placement service (, internship section) - An international cafe-restaurant ( - More under development wink If you would ever don't believe Tibet has quite an advanced level of development, just visit to update your knowledge and learn as well how many business opportunities you may catch here. Working hand-to-hand with prospective investors and entrepreneurs who want to give life to their ideas here is one of my daily tasks. And, not only is it easy to set up here, it is also very rewarding, financially, to start business in Tibet. Part of working things out include regular contacts with local authorities, business peoples, and to establish required documents and analysis. Since the operating costs are quite low while benefiting from advanced technology equipment, most projects we have dealt with showed a full ROI in less than a year, some in just a cup of months. If you are of the septic kind, you may like to know that Tibet is actually the faster growing area in China. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding starting a business in China, or starting a business at all, and why not to consider Tibet as a first entry into the Chinese market. Sounds strange to you? Let's talk about it, where else you would consider starting up, compare and see. As for the internship program, I started it covering only China in 2004, and now we are serving all countries in this world. That is, if you ever want to give it a try, not only is it FREE for companies to host trainees, but we also take care of the major formalities and organizational aspects, living to you only the benefits of cross-cultural exchange and skilled students who can undertake value added tasks for your business. For example, those coming from famous business universities may promote your business abroad, conduct market studies, find new business leads and clients for your business. We can provide students from any kind of professional field, engineering, hospitality management, finance, etc... Most students comes from Europe and North America, but we also have peoples from any countries of the world, just let us know your requirements and preference, we will do the rest. And, yes, you have nothing to pay, and it is suitable for both giant and very small companies anywhere in the world... Since I am an authentic French man, it cames as a surprise to no-one that I started a restaurant business, and that is how was born Happy Cafe in Lhasa ( My first though was to bring real food and drink recipes here, and now I am starting to introduce imported wines and ingredients. I am giving some of my free time to cook, which I enjoy pretty much, and to train locally hired staff. I have in mind to expand this business, such as pizza delivering, delicatessen, bakery, rare and expensive cafes, and to make the place a must to go with appropriate services such as hotel and travel booking, tourism information, so that you can have a piece of cake and cafe while waiting your airline ticket, which is definitely much pleasurable than waiting average one hour at the local airline agent smile I also wish to open more Happy Cafes, and not only in Lhasa. Good new, you may become a co-investor if you qualify. Voila, that is the most I can tell you about what I am doing here. There is much more beyond that, so feel free to come to Lhasa and discover it. You are always welcome! And, of course, feel free to let me know if I can be of any assistance to you. Fabrice Duche CEO FDICC CHINA +86 891 6381533
Fabrice Duche @, Lhasa, Tibet

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Fabrice Duche @, Lhasa, Tibet

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