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Eve Athanasekou, 47, Legal Counsel, PhD MSc IT @ SSEAPAD, Athens

Birth name: Paraskevi Athanasekou, Nickname: Evi, Country: Greece, Phone: +30 210 330 74 69, E-mail: eve.athanasekou (at), Language: English
Eve Athanasekou @ SSEAPAD, Athens

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Eve Athanasekou @ Athens
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Copyright in Cyberspace: Building Fences on the Internet

Copyright in Cyberspace: Building Fences on the Internet (Paper by Andres Guadamuz, University of Edinburgh)
Eve Athanasekou @ Athens
0x 2010-05-28  +  

DBLP: P. Eve Athanasekou

P. Eve Athanasekou: Internet and Copyright: An Introduction to Caching, Linking and Framing. Journal of Information, Law and Technology 1998(2): (1998) ...
0x 2009-05-11  +  

Discuss the applicability of the Copyright - Law Essays UK

Athanasekou, UK Report on Internet Law, 2000 http://droit-internet-2000.univ- Shetland Times v. Wills 1997 SLT 669 ...
0x 2009-05-11  +  

13th BILETA Conference: 'The Changing Jurisdiction'

Copyright in Cyberspace P. Eve Athanasekou [*] University of Glasgow Intellectual property is an extraordinary complex subject.
0x 2009-05-11  +  

Copyright: New Freedoms vs New Controls

P. Eve Athanasekou, in his paper 'Copyright in cyberspace' [7], makes the point that most ... P. Eve Athanasekou, Copyright In Cyberspace, University of Glasgow, ...
0x 2009-05-11  +  

Copyright in Cyberspace: Building fences on the Internet” Andrés ...

offered by Eve Athanasekou. 208. , who divides them in the following categorisation:  Copyright Radicalism: is the view held by those who believe that ...
0x 2009-05-11  +  

Revista de Derecho Informático: Alfa-redi

von Á TemáticasA very good classification of the different trends that either criticise or defend copyright is the one offered by Eve Athanasekou[208], who divides them in ...
0x 2009-05-11  +  

Issues Relating to Copyright Litigation

The above anecdote may sound comical, but it is an indication that the lay litigant. is ... See P. Eve Athanasekou, "Copyright in Cyberspace", available. at
0x 2009-05-11  +  

Linking, framing and meta-tagging, new ways of copyright and ...

Professor P. Eve Athanasekou of The School of Law University of Glasgow has held: ... An Introduction to Caching, Linking and Framing by P. Eve Athanasekou The ...
0x 2009-05-11  +  

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Eve Athanasekou @ SSEAPAD, Athens

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