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Eva Aydelman, 53, Shareholder @ Vida De Luxe, Lagoa

Birth name: Eva, Country: Portugal, Language: English
I offer: Personal Concierge, Corporate Concierge Services, Event Organisers. PR programs
Eva Aydelman @ Vida De Luxe, Lagoa,

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Eva Aydelman @ Lagoa,
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Eva Aydelman @ Lagoa,
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Eva Aydelman @ Lagoa,
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Charity and Humility

Some time , it is look like today everywhere you go people only speak about charity , how much they donate , what causes are in fashion  and which are so yesterday... Yes it is true , yesterday is was AIDS, Today human trafficking, what would be tomorrow, a famine in Africa, genocide in Syria. But what are we doing in the end of the day, nothing. People use today charity as self-promotion, self-importance and self-marketing , they will never go to Africa or any war tern apart part of the world, no they will sit in  climate adjusted hotel rum  with class of cognac that cost more than year of education in some Ethiopian village and talk about charity and how they all together save the world and donate , and donate their hard earned cash, but will never forget to pick receipt on the way out to claim tax refund later, and in the morning they would rush to pick up the newspaper to see if they made it in to the top 10 most generous donors and if the camera added few pounds and if their outfit better than their colleagues . And some time I want to scream :- What is happening, when is charity become a business, what happen to what is really important!!!   How could we forget words of William Hutton “The charity that hastens to proclaim its good deeds, ceases to be charity, and is only pride and ostentation.” But who cares , charity is  the talk of the town, and this is what’s most important the more you brag about your good deeds the more advertise yourself the money you make and this is the main reason most people attend fundraising and charitable galas
Eva Aydelman @ Lagoa,
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Eva Aydelman @ Vida De Luxe, Lagoa,

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