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Birth name: Salvador, Nickname: Doc Adore, Country: Philippines, Phone: +6324851437, Mobile: +639275040978, E-mail: sortiza99 (at), Language: English
I offer: Financial and management consulting services, preparation of project feasibility studies/business plans/project proposals, writing thesis and dissertation, editing, research, access to private placement program as well as in-ground and above ground assets trading program, trading of precious metals/farm products/scrap metals/alternative medicine/alternative energy/skin whitening and anti-aging products/mineral ores/real estate properties.
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ SMO International Consultancy, Sta. Ana, Manila

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Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza - Dr. Salvador Ortiza, D. Min., MBA, BSC. Demographic info: Management Consulting | Philippines. Dr. Salvador Ortiza, D. Min., MBA, BSC
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Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza - Dr. Salvador Ortiza
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Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
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Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza - Dr. Salvador Ortiza
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Let's Stay Connected and Keep On Communicating With Each Other To Collaborate and Cooperate In Areas of Mutual Interest

Let's stay connected and keep on communicating with each other to collaborate and cooperate in areas of mutual interest. My interests are indicated in my profile. I am also offering you to be a part of a fast growing global business while taking good care of your skin. The business is about distributing LICORICE SET, the products of Elvie Pineda that will enable the users to have a whitened and rejuvenated skins. While using such products, the users can also earn a high income because of the marketability of the products.  The investment is minimal.  For mobile stockists, the investment is only PHP250,000.00. For city distributor centers, the investment is only PHP500,000.00.  For provincial distributor centers, the investment is only PHP1.5M.  The repurchase discounts for the first two (2) options are 30% while 40% for the 3rd option. Please visit EG&P Global Solutions, Inc. to see the testimonies of the users at the Facebook and Youtube. Its website is   Best regards.   Dr. Salvador Ortiza
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
yasni 2013-01-13  +  

Finally, Something That Works!!!!

The Queen of SKIN WHITENING is now ready to invade Cebu City, Philippines. And you are one of the selected few to witness its Effectivity. The LICORICE-based whitening products of ELVIE PINEDA are now ready to compete and marketed only by EG&P Global Solutions, Inc. See you at RAJA Hotel, Fuente Osmena, Cebu City, 7p.m. today , Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM) , Thursday, January 10, 2013. Please share to your friends and other connections. Best regards.
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
yasni 2013-01-10  +  

Have A Financial Freedom While Taking Good Care Of Your Skin

Be a part of a fast-growing global business that enables you to have FINANCIAL FREEDOM as well as rejuvenated/restored and beautiful skin like a baby. The product is called LICORICE. This is a skin whitening and rejuvenation product. This product has the following benefits: 1) It erases melasma, old scars and fine lines; 2) It controls pimples; 3) It whitens skin; 4) It brightens dark eye circle; 5) It repairs damaged skin and 6) It enables one to have a rejuvenated/restored and beautiful skin For more information, contact Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza at or +639275040978.
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
yasni 2013-01-04  +  

Ten Codes of Conduct for Successful Partnership by Peter Conti

10 Codes of Conduct for Successful Partnerships1.  I will communicate with the other members with honesty andintegrity, and accept responsibility to create a safe andtrustworthy partnership that honors our deepest values whilemaking a positive impact in the world.2.  I assume full and complete responsibility for my behaviorsand actions and give the other members responsibility for theirs.3.  I will, as a conscious decision, choose patience overimpatience, compassion over judgment, flexibility over rigidity,"letting go" over "needing to control," gratitude over complaining,and unfailing optimism over doubt.4.  I will, as needed from time to time, find the courage andstrength I need to deal with any challenges our partnership andthe other parts of my life bring our way.5.  I will care for myself physically, emotionally, andspiritually, so that I have adequate reserves in place tocontribute to our partnership as I have promised.6.  I will focus on having fun as a way of being, so that we havean enjoyable and fun partnership.7.  I will let other members know using a phone or face-to-facemeeting when I am upset, troubled, or angry so that we can worktogether to stay in harmony.8.  I promise to work through and resolve any conflicts that comeup in a manner that creates a resolution we can all be happy with.9.  I will tolerate and accept our differences with the goal oflearning to celebrate our diversity.10.  I will, when the time is right, end this partnershiprespectfully and with grace, respecting other member’scontributions and appreciating everything we’ve been able toachieve together.I hope that you are finding ways to adapt to all the changes inthe commercial real estate marketplace and that you find thesetips helpful to your business.Sincerely,Peter Conti
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
yasni 2012-05-18  +  

Connection of KUL Alumni Worldwide | LinkedIn

This is composed of alumni of the Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven, Belgium. It promotes reconnection of alumni of this university to exchange ideas and business/investment...
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
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A World of Opportunity and Solutions

A World of Opportunity and Solutions! Whatever the issue-- We have the solution... Free information and services on the issues of today... Health, Finance, Income, Legal, Real Estate, Family, Credit, etc...  We provide effective, low cost, even free solutions to today's issues, Plus-- a unique business opportunity that allows you to earn from each and every product or service that we provide! Join Us!-- Be Part of The Solution!     http://allsolutionsnetwork.c om/cgi-bin/d2.cgi/SO57967/ClaimYourCheck2.htm
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
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Promote Your Business and Get Paid at the Same Time

Hi, I want to personally invite you to my APSense business social network.It's the ONLY social network where you can promote your business and get paid at the same time! Isn't that the smartest idea since highspeed Internet?By accepting this invitation you can get targeted and instant exposure to your business absolutely free and get paid! See where thousands of small businesses go to get results: The website address is: No wonder APSense is the #1 business social network on the Internet! Best Regards, Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza  
Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza @ Sta. Ana, Manila
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Let's_Do_Business_and_Go_Places - MyBlogLog

1 Eintrag - Letzter Eintrag: 17. Febr. 2008Dr. Salvador Ortiza · Dr. Salvador Ortiza · Dr. Salvador Ortiza. Roll over ...
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Dr. Salvador Ortiza Dr. Salvador Or.. ... Dr. Salvador Ortiza · Dr. Salvador Ortiza · Dr. Salvador Ortiza. Roll over tags to view taggers ...
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Invalid URL: Salvador Ortiza

Academici offers a technology transfer and knowledge brokering platform, where knowledge can be exchanged and business conducted.
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Dr. Salvador Ortiza's Page - India Business Network

Dr. Salvador Ortiza's Page on India Business Network.
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Prof. Dr. Salvador Ortiza - Ecademy NetNews

Find business and social contacts with online networking on Ecademy.
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Dr. Salvador Ortiza's Friends - India Business Network

India Business Network connects global companies from Americas, Asia, Africa ...
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Dr. Salvador Ortiza's Groups - Seize and Maximize Opportunities ...

This is for everyone who would like to SEIZE and MAXIMIZE OPPORTUNITIES globally in business, education, financing, consulting, & travel.
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Let's transform all legitimate opportunities worldwide into concrete results for the ... Posted by Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza on March 19, 2010 at 1:55am in Home Based Business ...
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Invalid URL: Manila Chamber of Commerce Discussions

Connect with local businesses and professionals in Manila and 2,000+ Chambers of Commerce ... In seize maximize, Manila by Dr. Salvador Ortiza. Add comment. Create an Ad. Featured ...
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Invalid URL: Invest in Philippine members - Business &…

Dr. Salvador Ortiza. SMO International Consultancy. Comment; Give a Gift ... Whitepapers For Your EMail Campaign Email Campaigns are more complex then you ...
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Adi Damari's Page - Home Based Business

Adi Damari is now friends with Dr. Salvador F. Ortiza and Keith Williamson
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Dr. Salvador Ortiza @ Chamber of Commerce

Connect with Dr. Salvador Ortiza and local professionals and businesses in 2000+ ... Dr. Salvador Ortiza imported profile data from LinkedIn using the ...
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Prof. Dr. Salvador Ortiza : Spotlight

Ecademy enables business people to connect through online networking using social media tools, at business networking events and 1-2-1 meetings - a ...
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