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Hospital & Health Care
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Why Radha Soami Satsang Beas initiates are so special - Church of ...

2009-11-10 by Blogger Brian  Supra-consciousness by Dr. Deepak Ranade. The medical field has made incredible advances in the fields of diagnosis, and management of a variety of Neurological disorders. The scope of this progress is however restricted to identify and ...
hinessight.blogs.com 2010-11-07  +  

An Esoteric Perspective: I, Me, Myself, Who?

2010-01-07 by Sunder Dinesh  Deepak Ranade. The fundamental constituent of the consciousness construct is 'am-ness'. It is the inconspicuous motor that powers consciousness. It is too intangible to comprehend but is the substratum of our 'beingness'. ...
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neuroconsciousness: Speaking Tree, times of India, 26 june

2010-06-25 by drdeepak  Deepak Ranade, Jun 26, 2010, 12.00am IST Article Comments Tags:writer|Deepak RanadeNostalgia|consultant neurosurgeon. Nostalgia is often a pleasurable pain. But pain, nonetheless. Unpleasant memories could create bitterness while ...
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Memory holds the door

2010-08-28 by SG  DEEPAK RANADE. Nostalgia is often a pleasurable pain. But pain, nonetheless. Unpleasant memories could create bitterness while pleasant memories tend to fill one with happiness and a desire to relive the experience. ...
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Learn to accept what you can't change

2009-06-25 by Dave  But then evolution of the frontal lobes in humans makes for finer data processing. It provides for intelligent acceptance of the vagaries of persons and events beyond the binary code of either pleasure or pain. Courtesy: Deepak Ranade.
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Learn to accept what you can't change (2)

2009-07-12 by dhirendra08  DEEPAK RANADE. The writer is a neurosurgeon. E-mail deepakranade@hotmail.com. Posted in Dominant Temporal Love, Harbouring Bitterness, More Prudent, Oldest Neurological Constructs, Zero Resentment Tagged: Apologies, Bitterness, ...
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2009-05-06 by Dr. Deepak Ranade  Tomorrow you will leave the monastery and proceed to the forest. You are now a realized soul, replete with the most profound knowledge- 'The knowledge of your ignorance” Dr. Deepak Ranade (The writer is a consultant neurosurgeon. ...
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PRESENT..!! ...the present is being continuously being distorted ...

2009-07-03 by Mishri...♥  Becoz at that moment all percieved emotions also vanish as they r of the sense of identity..the realised soul resides in that state voluntarily.. (in TOI..4july..by Deepak Ranade: deepakranade@hotmail.com)
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2009-07-05 by gambhir  Deepak Ranade The present is continuously being distorted by memories of the past or by projections into the future. The pristine present moment is continuously adulterated by this distortion. The mind is therefore never still. ...
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7 Oct 2010 ... The Times of India: 30 Dec 2008, 0000 hrs IST, DEEPAK RANADE Text: Matter and energy are interconvertible. Matter is present in various ...
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An unusual trigeminal neurinoma - British Journal of Neurosurgery

Atul Goel; Deepak Ranade; Ranjit D. Nagpal British Journal of Neurosurgery ...
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1994 - Informa Healthcare

Atul Goel, Deepak Ranade, Ranjit D. Nagpal. British Journal of Neurosurgery Jan 1994, Vol. 8, No. 3: 369–371. Summary | References | PDF (177 KB) | PDF Plus ...
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Supertech Hospital Pune | Supertech Hospital Private Hospital in ...

Contact Person. Deepak Ranade. Phone. 27482474, 9890212989. USER RATING. Been here before? Why not share your experience? ...
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Science of Spirituality

1 Mar 2010 ... As Dr. Deepak Ranade puts it, the human brain is an aggregate of nearly 100 billion neurons. Various thoughts that constantly crowd our ...
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Giriraj Hospital : Doctors Panel

On Call, Dr. Deepak Ranade, Neuro Surgeon. 1st /3rd Thursday, Dr. Mangesh Udar, Neuro Physician. On Call, Dr. Mahesh Sitrakar, Gastro Entrologist ...
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Articles - Search | SpeakingTree

More By : DEEPAK RANADE on Oct 29, 2010 | 3 Views The slow and steady get to know the ultimate Slow and steady wins the race-so goes the proverb Spiritual ...
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Learn to accept what you can't change - The Times of India

... D N Thakur; D R C N Srinivasan; Debanand Mishra; Debdutta Halder; Debjyoti Jana; Deepak Bhargav; Deepak Ranade; Deepen Sinha; Dharam Vir; Diapnkar Ray ...
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Skyemed Pharmacy and Infusion Services

Deepak Ranade, RPh, MBA is the Founder and President of Skyemed Pharmacy and Infusion Services. ... He has been a resident of Florida since 1987 and is well known in the ...
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Invalid URL: Memory Holds The Door - Speaking Tree - Spirituality - Life ...

Nostalgia is often a pleasurable pain... Spirituality " Speaking Tree. Breaking News: Memory Holds The Door. Deepak Ranade, Jun 26, 2010, 12.00am IST. Article. Comments ...
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